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Field Trip E14

Geo Resources of Bavaria


Departure: Thu. 8 Sep., 9:00 Depart/Return from LMU Geology building, main entrance
Luisenstr. 37, München
Return Sun. 11 Sep., ~18:00
Cost: € 438 (double occupancy); € 515 (single room)
Maximum: 20 participants
Included: Lodging, breakfast, lunch on all days, one dinner, entrance fees
Not Included: Dinner on the other two days
Rubber bootUSA National Parks Rating: Easy.
DAV Rating: Bergwanderung leicht / Easy mountain hike.
Rubber boots or hiking boots required. Helmets will be provided.

H. Albert Gilg, TUM, Munich
Gerhard Lehrberger, TUM, Munich

Field Trip E14
Hirschau Kaolin

This four-day field trip will highlight important mineral resources in southern Bavaria, present and past. We will visit active mines of industrial minerals and associated processing plants, but include other commodities mined in the past. The focus of the first excursion day will be clays in the Molasse Basin, including the world-class Miocene bentonite deposits in the Landshut area, and Pleistocene loess with a modern brick and tile production. During the second day, lignite-bearing ball and fire clay deposits of the Urnaab river system, a former fluorite underground mine in the Wölsendorf area, and the large kaolin (feldspar, quartz) deposits of Hirschau-Schnaittenbach will be visited. The third day will direct us into the Bavarian Forest with the Pfahl quartz deposit, a huge Permian hydrothermal vein system, and the Bodenmais metamorphosed sulfide deposit mined for silver, pigments and sulfuric acid. A city walk in Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and our excursion base, will introduce to the use of various local and imported dimension stones during the last two millennia. We will close our tour with the enigmatic karst-hosted Neuburg siliceous earth deposit and if accessible, a Neolithic flint mining site.






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