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General information

Field trips begin and end in front of the LMU Geology institute (Luisenstr. 37, Munich) unless otherwise indicated. All trips include transportation during the trip.

Several trips that involve significant amounts of hiking are rated for difficulty. Trips that involve only touring of mines, pits, quarries, and roadside stops are not rated for difficulty, but they may still require boots or rubber boots. The number and type of "boots" gives a quick overview, but please read the more detailed information for each trip:

boot USA class1, DAV*
Bergwanderung leicht / easy mountain hike
bootboot USA class 2, DAV*
Bergwanderung mittelschwer / moderate mountain hike
bootbootboot USA class 3, DAV*
Bergtour / Mountaineering
sandal No hiking involved
(visits to labs)
rubber boot Muddy trip!
Rubber boots or at least hiking boots required.
*DAV = Deutscher Alpenverein / German Alpine Club

Registration for field trips closes 30 June 2011. This deadline may be extended for individual trips that are not yet full, so please check back even after the deadline if you are interested in joining a field trip.

The field trip fee is non-refundable with the exception of trip cancellation by the organizers. Field trip registration fees will be debited to your credit card as soon as the trip has reached the minimum number of participants, so you might not see a charge right away on your card statement.

Pre-Conference (21 August to 4 September)

Please check individual trip page to see if it is still open for registration.

Long Trips
One or Two Days Trips

Post-Conference (8-14 September)






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