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Geologic Consequences of Hurricane Irene — A Preliminary Assessment

Monday, 10 October, noon–1 p.m.,
Minneapolis Convention Center, Room 101A–C

Rivers and streams in the northeastern United States reached record levels as a result of Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Irene’s rainfall. More than 80 U.S. Geological Survey streamgages measured record peaks. The massive flooding that has occurred in parts of Vermont displaced geologists from the state survey office and fluvial geomorphologists in Vermont and New Hampshire have been in disaster response mode.

We have assembled experts from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont to provide examples of the geomorphic changes that occurred over a broad area and on a scale rarely seen. They will present data from several watersheds including hydrographs, estimated peak flows in rivers where gages were removed in order to save them from destruction, estimates of sediment moved and recurrence intervals. They will illustrate the flooding and landslides with photos and video.

Hurricane Irene
Irene Makes Landfall Over New York

This GOES-13 satellite image is of Hurricane Irene just 28 minutes before the storm made landfall in New York City. The image shows Irene's huge cloud cover blanketing New England, New York and over Toronto, Canada. Shadows in Irene's clouds indicate the bands of thunderstorms that surrounded the storm.

Image Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project
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