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3rd Annual Photo Exhibition

Call for Entries

Members of GSA and affiliated societies are invited to share their best images in the 3rd Annual Geological Society of America Photo Exhibition.


  1. Regional Geology — Landscapes, features, or geologic activity within the North Central Section of the GSA.
  2. Abstract Images — The patterns of geology at any scale, photomicrographs to satellite images..
  3. Geologic Processes Past and Present — Process or feature resulting from a specific process. For example: An erupting volcano or volcanic rocks that represent ancient eruptions, etc.
  4. Iconic Landscapes — Iconic geologic landscapes and features. Example: Grand Canyon, Death Valley, etc.

Submissions accepted only from members of GSA or affiliated societies. Images must be taken by the submitter, and must be submitted as .jpg files, no larger than 1 MB. Larger files cannot be considered. Maximum of two entries per category. Images and descriptions should be emailed to the contest managers, at . By submitting image(s) to the GSA Photo Contest, photographer provides consent to gratis use of images by GSA in a calendar, slide show, and promotional materials.


Submit .jpg files by 19 August. Winners will be notified by 31 August and must submit files for printing by 15 September.


Photographers with winning images who wish to participate in the Exhibition must have their images printed by the contest's printer to maintain quality and uniformity for the exhibit. Winners should be prepared to support these costs at approximately $35-60 per image hung.


Questions may be directed to Ellen Bishop, or Marli Miller, or Steve Weaver, .