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The following blogs covered the 2011 Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Blog: Anisotropic Reflections
Contact: J.C.Chang
Date Added: 7/23/2011

Blog: For The Breakfast
Contact: Fransiska Dannemann
Description: I'm a rising college senior, studying rocks and the Southwest. I love food and can't sit still to save my life. Follow me in my journey to get into grad school while having fun at the same time!
Date Added: 8/3/2011

Blog: Research at a Snail's Pace
Contact: Matt Kuchta
Description: Gastropods, paleoecology, fluvial geology and earth science education. Musings and information with the occasional flash of brilliance. Will be previewing/updating background on the Upper Mississippi Valley before the meeting and field trip.
Date Added: 8/23/2011

Blog: Dr. G's Teaching With Technology Portfolio
Contact: Laura Guertin
Description: Technology is in our classrooms. But how much technology is appropriate? Can we really have too much of a good thing? Explore my thoughts on how new/innovative tech tools can enhance teaching/student learning in the intro-level Earth Science.
Date Added: 9/28/2011

Blog: Mountain Beltway
Contact: Callan Bentley
Description: General geology with a focus on structure, the Rockies, the Appalachians, teaching, evolution, and climate.
Date Added: 9/28/2011

Blog: Updates from the Paleontology Lab
Contact: Alton Dooley
Description: Current activities from the Virginia Museum of Natural History Paleontology Department.
Date Added: 9/28/2011

Blog: Geologic Froth
Contact: Kyle House
Description: Cynical and sometimes interesting insights into (mainly) surficial geologic mapping in the modern age. Lotsa cool photos. You will love it...
Date Added: 9/28/2011

Blog: Riparian Rap
Contact: Steve Gough
Description: A blog about Little River Research & Design, river geomorphology and the business, politics, and science of river ecosystem conservation.
Date Added: 9/29/2011

Blog: Arizona Geology
Contact: Lee Allison
Description: News and discussion about Arizona geology and geologists, and events that affect the profession in Arizona.
Date Added: 10/2/2011

Blog: River Talk
Contact: River Life
Date Added: 10/4/2011

Blog: ESCONI Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois
Description: The aim of the Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois (ESCONI) is to promote an interest in the earth sciences, among these are geology, paleontology, mineralogy, archaeology, micro-mounting and the lapidary arts.
Date Added: 10/5/2011

Blog: Earth-like Planet
Contact: Charles Carrigan
Description: The interactions of planet earth and people, esp. topics of mining, environment, energy, water, resources, & climate. Various other topics on geo- culture & geo-tech reviews, & anything else geological I feel like.
Date Added: 10/7/2011

Blog: MSU Geology in the Field
Description: Picture blog of Michigan State University students and faculty on fieldwork and class trips and at conferences.
Date Added: 10/8/2011

Blog: Ancient Shore
Contact: Graham Young
Date Added: 10/11/2011