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Pardee Keynote Symposium P3

Why Aren't Our Ideas Getting Attention? Finding a More Convincing Voice on Controversial Issues

Washington Monument

Sun., 31 Oct., 1:30–4:30 p.m.
James Davis; Jon Goodwin; Craig Cooper
Sponsored by GSA Geology and Society Division; American Geological Institute; American Geophysical Union; Association of American State Geologists; GSA Geology and Public Policy Committee; GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Engineering Geology Division

Eminent panelists explore elements of and influences on public decision making with an eye towards more effective advocacy of geoscience in policy. Marcia McNutt, USGS Director, updates policy relevant USGS investigations; Susan Solomon, NOAA, outlines climate change conclusion uncertainty perspectives as an example of challenges; Dennis Mileti, Director Natural Hazards Center (emeritus), details elements of successful science communications to lay decision-makers regarding risk communication; Baruch Fischhoff, Carnegie Mellon, outlines insights from psychological research on the decision-making process. Panelists quiz each other regarding improving effectiveness of science input communications and interact with the audience in a spirited discussion and Q&A.


Public Policy; Environmental Geoscience; Geoscience Information/Communication


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