Vicki McConnell
This Foucault pendulum hovers over the lobby outside Exhibit Hall A in the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo by keasmus.

2009 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition Wrap-Up

18–21 October 2009
Portland, Oregon, USA

Nearly 6,500 attendees from over 50 countries came to this year’s annual meeting in Portland. Technical session rooms and poster sessions were full of enthusiastic geoscientists taking in the world-class research presented during this four-day meeting. Over 850 people engaged in our diverse array of field trips, and 438 people attended short courses.

Attendees enjoyed “Cruising the Geoscience Highway” in the Exhibit Hall, visiting over 230 exhibit booths as well as the 67 schools in the Graduate School Information Forum.

Total Attendance: 6,480
Total Number of Abstracts: 4,004
Professional Attendees: 3,283
Student Attendees: 2,241
K–12 Professionals: 86
Total Exhibit Booths: 233
Exhibiting Companies: 166
Short Courses: 19
Short Course Participants: 438
Field Trips: 29
Field Trip Participants: 860

As always, a special emphasis of the meeting was recognizing excellence. Citations and responses for the 2009 GSA Awards & Medals and the 2009 GSA Division named awards are now online.

Social/Web media had a strong presence at the meeting, with 19 registered science bloggers and 17 tweeps (people using Twitter) adding their names to our dynamic blog and twitter rolls. The meeting generated more than 430 tweets under search topic #GeoPort, and we've compiled 50 meeting-related blogs.

The more traditional media were also at the meeting, with twenty-five science writers on-site. Science press included representatives from Nature, Science News, Earth Magazine, Cosmos, Scientific American, and National Geographic News. Several talks were also covered by local and regional news stations, and dozens of presentations received widespread coverage. Topics reported included planetary geoscience, hydrogeology, climate change, environmental geology, geology and health, geomorphology, paleontology, geoarchaeology, and geochemistry.

Thanks to the 2009 Annual Meeting Sponsors for their continued support of this event, and thanks especially to Vicki McConnell, Dick Berg, and the entire Annual Meeting Organizing Committee, along with the Joint Technical Program Committee, for putting together a fantastic meeting.


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