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Dave Bush
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Technical Program

Make yours the presentation that everyone is talking about!

The three session types are described below.


Pardee Keynote Symposia

The Pardee Keynote Symposia, made possible by a grant from the Joseph T. Pardee Memorial Fund, are special events of broad interest to the geoscience community. They represent hot issues on the leading edge in a scientific discipline or area of public policy, address broad fundamental issues, and are interdisciplinary. Selection was on a competitive basis. This year's eight Pardee Symposia were reviewed and accepted by the Annual Program Committee. (All speakers are invited.)

Topical Sessions

These sessions are topically focused with a mix of invited and volunteered papers. Sessions are designed to promote the exchange of interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art information. Papers can be submitted to a specific topical session and you may choose up to three scientific categories. After each topical description below, the categories are identified as they appear on the abstract form. PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY IN THE MODE (oral or poster) AND CATEGORIES INDICATED in the description. An abstract submitted in the incorrect mode will be transferred automatically to a discipline session.

Discipline Sessions

Determine if your paper would fit neatly under one of the topical sessions. If you submit your abstract choosing one of the discipline categories listed on the abstract form and not a topical session, your abstract will be placed in a session with other "like" abstracts. You may choose up to three discipline categories you feel your abstract would best fit. The JTPC representatives organize the papers in sessions focused on this discipline - for example, environmental geoscience or mineralogy.

Special Session

Deep Phreatic Thermal eXplorer (DEPTHX).



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