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2005 Annual Meeting

Hurricane KatrinaLate-Breaking Science

An Eye on Katrina:
Geoscience Perspectives on a Catastrophic Hurricane

Tuesday, 3:30-5:30 p.m., Room 250DE


The session will be chaired by David M. Bush, Professor of Geology, University of West Georgia, and editor of the journal, Southeastern Geology.

A copy of each abstract submitted to this session will be available on-site in the registration area.

Four scientists from the US Geological Survey, all of whom were on the ground before, during, or after the storm, will open the session:

  • Michael L. Plunkett, Hydrologist and Chief, USGS Mississippi Science Center:
    Hurricane Katrina Impacts and USGS Response in Mississippi
  • Charles R. Demas, Hydrologist and Chief, USGS Louisiana Science Center:
    USGS Louisiana Water Science Center Assessment of the Impacts of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana
  • Hillary F. Stockton, Geologist, USGS Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies:
    Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on Gulf Coast Barrier Islands
  • Gregg Smith, Biologist and Chief, USGS National Wetlands Science Center:
    Biological Impacts and Implications of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast

Speakers in the second hour of the session are:

  • Frank T. Manheim, School of Public Policy, George Mason University:
    Interpreting the Influence of Contaminants in Flood Waters from New Orleans on Lake Pontchartrain
  • Mark A. Kulp, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of New Orleans:
    Punctuated Coastal Reorganization: A Lesson Learned from Hurricane Katrina?
  • Grant Heiken, Los Alamos National Laboratory (ret.) and Consulting Geoscientist:
    Cities and Natural Disasters in the 21st Century
  • Beth McMillan, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Arkansas at Little Rock:
    Geoscience in the Service of Humankind Through GISCorps: A Volunteer's Account of the GIS Response to Hurricane Katrina

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