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Hot Topics

Colorado Convention Center, Room 705/707
Sunday - Wednesday, 12:15 - 1:15 p.m.

Join your colleagues for spirited lunchtime discussions and debates on several burning issues for the professional geologic community. Chili and beer will be available for purchase outside the meeting room.

Technical Program Schedule

Hot Topics Chair:
Geoffrey S. Plumlee, Ph.D.
U.S. Geological Survey
Crustal Imaging and Characterization Team

Sunday, November 7
#1: Earth's Ice on the Rocks - The Meltdown of Permafrost, Ice Sheets, and Glaciers
The planet's permafrost, continental ice sheets, and glaciers are thawing at a historically unprecedented rate. A panel of experts will examine the causes, potential consequences, and how earth scientists are helping to understand the issues.
Monday, November 8
#2: Feeling the Heat - The Fallout from the 1999-20xx Western US Drought
Much of the western US is feeling the impacts of a major drought that is currently in its fifth year. How long might the current drought last? What will its impacts be on diverse western issues such as water supply, population growth, the economy, ecosystem health, and wildfire potential? A panel of scientists, policy makers, and other experts will help explore answers to these and other questions.
Tuesday, November 9
#3: Fact or Fiction? Earth Sciences in Popular Films and Literature
A number of movies and novels have highlighted earth processes and earth scientists, but some have been criticized for playing loose with the science facts in the interests of making the product more compelling to audiences. How can the earth science community work with movie makers and writers to enhance the scientific accuracy of films and novels but not diminish their excitement? How can we best respond to inaccuracies? Invited panelists include earth scientists who have served as advisors to movie or fiction writers, earth science communications specialists, and earth scientists who have become successful popular writers.
Wednesday, November 10
#4: Earth Sciences in Homeland Security
National and global events of the last several years have brought security concerns to the forefront of daily life in countries throughout the world. This hot topic will bring together experts in homeland security, science policy, and earth sciences (such as forensic geology) to discuss whether or not there are appropriate roles for earth scientists, their technologies, and their methodologies in helping to make societies more secure.

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