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Graduate School Information Forum

Grad School Information Forum
Exhibit Hall
Sun. Nov. 7 8 a.m.–7:30 p.m.
Mon.–Wed. Nov. 8–10 8 a.m.–5:30 p.m.


Searching for the right graduate school?

Make one trip to Denver to meet with representatives from 40 to 50 top graduate schools around the country without spending travel time and money to visit each school individually. Also, plan ahead and schedule interviews with participating Universities before you arrive (name of school is an e-mail link).

Participating schools are listed below.
To check if a school has a booth in the Exhibit Hall, please visit our Exhibits Page.

Attend the Graduate School Information Forum this year at the GSA Annual Meeting in Denver!

34 Ball State University
31 California State University - Fullerton   x x  
43 Clemson University   x    
55 Colorado School of Mines
29 Cornell University   x x  
2 Duke University x x x x
33 East Carolina University x x    
42 Idaho State University x x    
40 Illinois State University x x    
49 Indiana State University
x x    
1 Indiana University x x x x
29 Indiana University/Purdue University - Indianapolis x      
20 Iowa State University x x    
31 Kansas State University x      
15 Kent State University x x x  
3 Lehigh University x x x x
45 Miami University x x    
16 New Mexico State University     x  
24 Northern Arizona University x x    
36 Northwestern University   x x  
11 Oklahoma State University x x x  
50 Old Dominion University x x    
6 Oregon State University x x x  
22 Pennsylvania State University   x    
25 Rice University   x x  
38 Rosenstiel School of Marine Biology - University of Miami   x    
39 Rutgers University   x x  
21 SUNY - Binghamton   x    
23 Syracuse University x x    
32 Texas A&M University x x    
13 Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi x x x  
16 Texas Tech University x x    
37 University of Alabama x      
47 University of Alaska - Fairbanks   x x  
10 University of Arkansas x x x  
4 University of California - Davis x x x  
53 University of California - Riverside
  x x  
25 University of Chicago x      
17 University of Colorado - Boulder x x    
27 University of Connecticut x      
27 University of Delaware   x    
52 University of Florida
x x    
34 University of Idaho   x    
37 University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign   x    
21 University of Iowa x      
44 University of Kansas   x x  
30 University of Massachusetts x x    
56 University of Minnesota - Duluth (Large Lakes Observatory) x x    
41 University of Missouri - Rolla   x    
36 University of Montana x      
18 University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill x x    
51 University of North Carolina – Charlotte   x    
14 University of Notre Dame x x x  
8 University of Oklahoma x x x  
12 University of Southern California x x x  
26 University of Tennessee - Knoxville x x    
9 University of Texas - El Paso x x x  
22 University of Toledo x      
35 University of Toronto x x    
7 University of Wisconsin - Madison x x x  
46 Utah State University x x    
19 Vanderbilt University x x    
5 Virginia Tech x x x  
54 Washington State University
x x    
48 Wright State University x x    
28 Yale University x x    

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Participating Schools and information on how to schedule an interview will be posted on this Web page in October.

If your school would like to reserve space, please see GSIF information and reservations, or contact Kevin Ricker, (800) 472-1988, ext. 1090.

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