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Registration Fees

Registration Fees Early Bird Standard Late / Onsite
  (by 7/13) (7/14-9/30) (after 9/30)
Professional Member - Full Meeting $275 $295 $375
Professional Member - 1 Day $190 $190 $200
Professional Member (70 or older) - Full Meeting $220 $240 $315
Professional Member (70 or older) - 1 Day $135 $135 $145
Professional Nonmember - Full Meeting $350 $375 $465
Professional Nonmember - 1 Day $215 $215 $225
Student Member - Full Meeting $60 $90 $120
Student Member - 1 Day $60 $60 $60
Student Nonmember - Full Meeting $80 $120 $150
Student Nonmember - 1 Day $75 $75 $75
K-12 Professional - Full Meeting $35 $40 $40
Field Trip or Short Course Only $40 $40 $40
Guest or Spouse $70 $80 $80

SAVE $$$

Join GSAYou can save a substantial amount on your registration fee by becoming a GSA member; it's almost like joining GSA for free! GSA is on a calendar-year membership cycle, so join now to reap the benefits of GSA membership for the rest of 2004. For further information contact GSA Sales and Service, 18884434472, or (303) 357-1000, ­option 3.

The member fees apply to members of both GSA and its Associated Societies (listed on the PDF form). Registrations will not be processed unless full payment is received. Unpaid purchase orders are NOT accepted as valid registration. The confirmation sent by GSA will be your only receipt. You should receive it within two weeks after your registration is submitted. Badges are needed for access to ALL activities, 8 a.m. Sunday through 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

A guest registration fee of $80 per person is available for nongeologist spouses or family members and friends of a professional and/or student registrant and is required for those attending all guest activities, tours, and seminars, for refreshments in the Guest Hospitality Suite, and for access to the Exhibit Hall. Formal guest tours are at an additional cost and include professional tour guides, round-trip transportation, admission fees, and gratuities. Lunch included only if indicated. The guest registration fee does NOT allow access to technical sessions. However, guests can sign in with the hostess in the Guest Hospitality Suite and get a Visitor Badge allowing them to attend a specific presentation.

Students: A CURRENT student ID is required to obtain student rates. You will have to pay the professional fee unless you have the ID.

Please register only one professional or student per form and retain a copy for yourself.

All registrations received after September 30 will be considered LATE registrations and charged accordingly. Online registration will remain open until November 5. Absolutely no registrations should be mailed or faxed after November 3. After this date, we will handle registrations at the Convention Center during normal registration hours.

On-site fees for Continuing Education Courses are an additional $30.

As a special consideration, GSA is offering a discount rate to our members who are 70 years of age and older. Please write your membership number in the space provided and be sure to bring a picture ID to ensure your discount.

Registration Grants for Coloradans
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Subaru Supports Colorado Graduate Student and
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Photographs will be taken at the 2004 GSA Annual Meeting and Exposition. By registering for this meeting, you agree to allow GSA to use photographs that may include shots of you in any GSA-related publications, marketing and promotional materials, or website.

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