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Postmeeting Field Trips

18. top Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Stratigraphy of West Texas and Southern New Mexico [418]
Wed.-Sat., Nov. 10-13. Cosponsored by GSA Sedimentary Geology Division.
John F. Taylor, Geoscience Dept., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA 15705, (724) 357-4469, fax 724-357-5700; Raymond L. Ethington; James D. Loch; Paul R. Myrow; Robert L. Ripperdan.
Max.: 20; min.: 12. Cost: $325 (2L, R, 3ON, vans). Begins and ends in El Paso, Texas.
This trip transects southern New Mexico and westernmost Texas to examine variable lithofacies and faunas in the Bliss Formation and El Paso Group. Improved time control from new biostratigraphic (trilobite and conodont) and carbon isotope data improves correlations between ranges and allows evaluation of hypotheses that link faunal changes at uppermost Cambrian and Lower Ordovician stadial boundaries with paleoceanographic events.
19. top Ancient Depositional Environments Control Modern Aquifer Quality: Stratigraphy of Groundwater Resources in the Denver Area [419]
Thurs., Nov. 11. Cosponsored by GSA Sedimentary Geology Division.
Robert G.H. Raynolds, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80205, (303) 370-6047, fax 303-331-6492.
Max.: 22; min.: 10. Cost: $110 (1L, R, vans).
On this trip we will travel south of Denver to Daniels Park, Castle Rock, and Wildcat Mountain, where we will see the rock record portraying the evolution of the Denver Basin. We'll take two half-mile hikes up Castle Rock and Wildcat Mountain to admire the view, see the local rock layers, and discuss aquifer stratigraphy.
20. top Cenozoic Geology and Fossils of the Pawnee Buttes Area, Northeast Colorado [420]
Thurs., Nov. 11. Cosponsored by GSA Sedimentary Geology Division and Colorado Scientific Society.
Emmett Evanoff, Dept. of Geological Sciences, Campus Box 399, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0399, (303) 444-2644 (phone and fax).
Max.: 36; min.: 12. Cost: $85 (1L, R, vans).
Northeast Colorado has been the focus of Cenozoic vertebrate paleontologists and stratigraphers since the days of Marsh and Cope. This trip will examine the geology of the Cenozoic record in the vicinity of the Pawnee Buttes, including the Eocene-Oligocene White River Formation and the Miocene Ogallala Group. Ancient valley fills, wind and river deposits, floods of gravel from the Front Range, and the vertebrates associated with these deposits will all be seen and discussed on this trip.
21. top Consequences of Living with Geology: A Model Field Trip for the General Public [421]
Thurs., Nov. 11. Cosponsored by GSA Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division; American Institute of Professional Geologists.
22. top Geological Reconnaissance of Dinosaur Ridge, Red Rocks, and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains near Morrison, Colorado [422]
Thurs., Nov. 11. Cosponsored by GSA Geoscience Education Division; GSA Sedimentary Geology Division.
Norbert E. Cygan, Friends of Dinosaur Ridge, 16831 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO 80456, (303) 697-3466, fax 303-697-8911; T. Caneer; Harald Drewes and other volunteers from Dinosaur Ridge,
Max.: 45; min.: 12. Cost: $90 (1L, bus). Also offered as a premeeting trip.
This trip will visit classic dinosaur bones and footprints at Dinosaur Ridge in the vicinity of Morrison, Colorado. Participants will investigate the stratigraphy and depositional systems of the sedimentary rocks in the foothills. A stop will be made to examine the four lava flows at North Table Mountain with discussion of the vent area for the flows. Regional geology will be reviewed from overlooks in the area. Other sites will include the geologic display at the new Red Rocks visitor center as well as the Precambrian unconformity located nearby, selected Precambrian outcrops, an oil seep in the Dakota group, and a textbook example of a uranium roll front.
23. top Laramide Horizontal Shortening in the Rockies: Faulting and Folding in Oblique Backlimb-Tightening Structures of the Northeastern Flank of the Front Range, Colorado [423]
Thurs., Nov. 11.
Eric Erslev, Dept. of Geosciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523, (970) 491-6375, fax 970-491-6307.
Max.: 24; min.: 10. Cost: $100 (1L, R, vans).
The northeastern flank of the Front Range exposes oblique backlimb-tightening (BLT) structures that develop in basement-involved arches during horizontal compression. Moderate hikes to multiple structural levels within these Laramide fault-propagation folds will reveal the complications provided by the obliquity between the N-S-trending basin margin and the SSE-plunging folds.
24. top Underground Tour of Henderson Molybdenum Mine [424]
Thurs., Nov. 11. Cosponsored by Colorado Scientific Society. - This trip is full.
Eric Nelson, Dept. of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 80401-1887, (303) 273-3811, fax 303-273-3859; Robert Golden; Jim Shannon.
Max.: 15; min.: 5. Cost: $140 (1L, R, vans).
This trip will view the underground and surface geology related to the world-class Henderson molybdenum porphyry deposit. Morning: presentation of detailed geology of the deposit and underground tour of mine operations and porphyry and vein types. Afternoon: surface tour to place the deposit in the context of regional geology and structure, including alteration and peripheral aspects of the deposit.
25. top Walking with Dinosaurs along Colorado's Front Range [425]
Thurs., Nov. 11.
Joanna Wright, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado, Denver, CO 80217-3363, (303) 556-6007, fax 303-556-6157.
Max.: 36; min.: 12. Cost: $85 (1L, R, vans).
Late Paleozoic to Mesozoic terrestrial paleoenvironments of the Front Range west of Denver. Outcrops will include a paleo land surface and associated weathered zone beneath the Fountain, fluvial sediments of the Morrison, the marginal marine and coastal deposits of the Dakota Sandstone, and the fluvial deposits of the latest Cretaceous Laramie Formation. Participants will visit some classic fossil bone and footprint localities, including the only known ceratopsian trackways.

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Eric Erslev
Dept. Geosciences
Colorado State University

Eric Nelson
Dept. Geology & Geological Engineering
Colorado School of Mines

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