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Student Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in being a student volunteer at the 2003 GSA Annual Meeting, "Geoscience Horizons" which will be held in Seattle, Washington. Participating in this program is beneficial to you and to GSA. After completing minimum work requirements, student volunteers can qualify for a complimentary meeting registration, stipend (requires US government-issued Social Security Number, Green Card or Student Work Visa), and a free Abstracts with Programs volume. You must be an undergraduate or graduate student, but do not need to be a member of GSA, to participate in the Student Volunteer Program.

This year, student volunteers may select the specific assignments they wish to work with our new on-line Student Volunteer Work Assignment form. No more waiting for GSA to assign you to a work assignment. Best of all, you may modify and cancel assignments as necessary.

Remember that your commitment to work means that many people are depending on you to be there to perform your assigned task. If you have a change in plans and are unable to meet your work commitment, you may modify or cancel your work schedule until October 26. Between Oct. 27 - 29 contact Kevin Ricker, 1-800-472-1988, ext. 1090 (toll free), or (303) 357-1090. After October 29, notify the Student Volunteer Office as soon as possible. The Student Volunteer Office will be located in Room 214, Washington State Convention & Trade Center, (206) 219-4606.

Student Volunteer Office Hours
Room 214, Washington State Convention & Trade Center, (206) 219-4606
Friday October 31 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday through Wednesday November, 1-5 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Work Request Form

Oct. 30 - Nov. 6

See this year's Job Descriptions

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