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Derek Booth


from Derek Booth
General Chair, Seattle Local Committee

The Annual Meeting is not far away — now is a good time to contemplate the state of your calendar for early November. This year's meeting in the Pacific Northwest has a remarkable line-up of talks, poster sessions, and field trips. It will also be held in the heart of downtown Seattle, where there is always lots to do!

The programming for this year's meeting emphasizes a particularly wide range of topics. It's tough to highlight the "most interesting" sessions because there are so many to choose from; however, some candidates include:

  • His View of Life: Reflections on the Scientific Legacy of Stephen J. Gould (P2)
  • Global Climate Changes: Abrupt Late Pleistocene Climatic Reversals and Modern Global Warming (T152)
  • Preservation of Random Mega-scale Events on Mars and Earth: Influence on Geologic History (P5)
  • The Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic Framework of Human Evolution (P6)
  • Impending Disaster-The Impact of Population Growth on Water Availability and Quality (T3)
  • Geology of Salmon (T6)
  • Geological Mapping: Key to Successful Management of Water and Land Resources (T102)
  • The Peopling of the New World: Geology, Archaeology, and Paleoenvironments (T1)
  • Tectonics of the Circum-Pacific Rim in Space and Time: Alaska, Central and South America, and the Western Pacific (T144)
  • Mega-Events on Earth and Mars: Record, Recognition, and Consequences (T10)
  • Revolutionizing Ocean Science: Cabled Observatories on the North American Pacific Coast (T74)
  • Wetland Science: Intersection of Hydrogeology, Geomorphology, Ecology, and Computer Modeling (T100)
  • The Washington Cascades: An Integrated Perspective on 100 Million Years of Orogenesis, Magmatism, and Surface Processes (T145)

Because GSA's membership is as diverse as the study of geology itself, any excerpt from the list of planned sessions is like showing you only the tip of the iceberg: you can only begin to get a feel for the impact of the meeting and all that will be available. So, I invite you to come to the Seattle meeting. You'll find plenty to engage you, and you'll also have a great opportunity to meet with your friends and colleagues.


Meeting begins on Sunday and ends Wednesday.

Important and Emergency On-Site Phone Numbers

Local Committee

Technical Program Chair:
David Bush

State University of West Georgia, (770) 836-4597,
Dave Bush
Local Committee General Chair:
Derek Booth
University of Washington, (206) 543-7923,
Derek Booth
Field Trip Chair:
Terry W. Swanson
University of Washington, (206) 543-1923,
Terry Swanson
Hot Topics Chair:
Fred Schwab

Washington & Lee University, (540) 463-8870,
Fred Schwab
K-16 Education Chair:
Elizabeth Nesbitt
University of Washington, (206) 543-5949,
Elizabeth Nesbitt

Accessibility for Registrants with Special Needs

GSA is committed to making the Annual Meeting accessible to all people interested in attending. If you need auxiliary aids or services because of a disability, check the appropriate box on the registration form. If you have suggestions or need further information, contact Kevin Ricker,, (303) 357-1090. Please let us know your needs by October 3.

Subaru - Title Sponsor of the 2003 GSA Annual Meeting

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