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The 2003 GSA Annual Meeting in Seattle will provide geoscientists a diverse suite of field trips that take full advantage of the region's unique geologic setting. The geologic history of this region is particularly complex and interesting because of the accretion of exotic terranes to the western margin of North America over the past 200 million years, the most recent being the Olympic Mountain terrane. Furthermore, the advance and retreat of continental and alpine glacial systems throughout the Quaternary has left an extensive erosional and depositional record above the older rock record.

Our field trip schedule offers participants an opportunity to study geologic processes through the Cambrian to modern time. Included in our program are one-day trips to observe and discuss local geologic features and processes (i.e., mass wasting, volcanic and seismic processes) that have both regional and societal implications. We also have a broad choice of multi-day field trips that will offer participants an opportunity to visit some of most scenic and geologically interesting locations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Most trips start and end in Seattle. Air travel plans that include a Saturday night stay can substantially offset field trip costs. The following list is tentative and subject to change. Further details will be given when registration for the meeting begins in June.

For more information, contact the field trip leader or the 2003 Field Trip Chair: Terry Swanson, Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, (206) 543-1923, fax 206-543-0489,

Waddington Glacier

Waddington Glacier

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