Technical Program

The abstracts deadline (9 April) has now passed. Thank you for your submissions!

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The morning oral sessions for the conference will be held in the Digital Theatre. Calit2's Digital Theatre is a large auditorium with stadium seating. It is fully equipped with digital video projection equipment and full surround sound to provide an excellent multimedia experience (

The afternoon poster and demo sessions will be held at the reconfigurable Synthesis Center. Atkinson Hall’s Synthesis Center allows groups of researchers and scientists to meet together in a resource-rich environment where they can address cutting-edge science questions that can be solved only by interdisciplinary science teams through face-to-face discussions and “what if” computations (

Poster size:  48” × 69”


Technical Review Committee:
Sally Brady, USGS, Co-chair,
Krishna Sinha, Virginia Tech, Co-chair,
Linda Gundersen,
Bruce Johnson, USGS,
Rob Raskin, JPL,
Ilkay Altintas, SDSC,
Rahul Ramachandran, University of Alabama in Huntsville,
Peter Cornillon (URI), for oceanography (and CI),
Hassan Babaie, Georgia State,