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Drought-related impacts can be expected to increase in intensity in the twenty-first century as human population increases and land uses change. To evaluate current drought-related problems and anticipate future issues, GSA and its partners announce a participatory conference to be held 18–20 September 2006 near Boulder, Colorado, USA. While broad in scope, the meeting will focus on identifying successful strategies for drought and water scarcity management and on developing a clear and decisive action plan.

The Roadmap

Key lessons learned will form the basis of a scientifically informed roadmap for implementing necessary changes in policy and practice to ensure adequate water resources for future generations. Active participation of meeting attendees is also sought in deriving and evaluating these key science and policy lessons and in preparing recommendations for the roadmap for change. The resulting document will be concise, impartial, informative, useful for congressional visits, letter-writing campaigns, and other efforts to accomplish policy changes. It will also address additional research and funding needs.

Underrepresented minorities, women, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to submit contributions and to participate in this meeting.