Welcome to Backbone of the Americas — Patagonia to Alaska

The Geological Society of America and The Asociación Geológica Argentina
… invite you to attend!

William ThomasOn behalf of The Geological Society of America, I invite you to attend and participate in Backbone of the Americas – Patagonia to Alaska, a meeting jointly organized and co-convened with the Asociación Geológica Argentina. The anticipated program will include contributions from all along the backbone and will integrate diverse approaches to understanding the geological evolution of the mountain belt.

Backbone of the Americas will be held 3-7 April 2006 in Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza is on the Argentine Precordillera terrane, a Laurentian terrane accreted to Gondwana, linking a North American heritage to the South American backbone. Directly west of the city, the high peaks of the Andes characterize the Backbone of the Americas. In a region that encompasses the earliest accreted terrane along the western Gondwana margin and the modern subduction complex, Mendoza provides an ideal venue for this meeting.

We anticipate a scientifically invigorating meeting, and we encourage your participation.

William A. Thomas
President, Geological Society of America

Miguel HallerThe Asociación Geológica Argentina is pleased to join with the Geological Society of America to co-sponsor the Backbone of the Americas – Patagonia to Alaska meeting, in Mendoza, Argentina, 3-7 April 2006.

Our geological community is pleased to invite and welcome all earth scientists willing to share our knowledge on the Andes, the extraordinary landscapes and the exciting mountains, the highest in the Americas. Mendoza is entrenched in the foothills of the main Andes. The famous hospitality of the people of Mendoza, good beef, and excellent wine will help in building strong ties of friendship, sharing experience and communication among all geological scientists working in the Backbone of the Americas.

Miguel Haller
President, Asociación Geológica Argentina

Underrepresented minorities, women, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to submit contributions and participate in Backbone of the Americas—Patagonia to Alaska.

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