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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to log in?
A: GSA uses a Single Sign On (SSO) system to make it more convenient for members to conduct online business with GSA without having to log in more than once and remember multiple username/password combinations. It's much like other sites you visit on the Internet these days: you create your own login that you can remember. (It also keeps your data more secure.)

This is also where you sign in to make address changes and other updates to your membership record. Eventually the SSO system will log you in to meeting registration, membership renewal, the student volunteer program, and more.

The membership directory is now in the Connected Community and features a more robust search tool as well as ways for members to connect with one another.

Of course, most of the informational pages on the GSA website are completely public as always. Login is only required for these interactive areas.

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Q: What is my username / password?
A: If this is your first time signing in to GSA, you will need to activate your profile. Current and past members (and GSA customers) already have accounts that just need to be activated. All members should click on "ACCESS MY ACCOUNT" to retrieve your login credentials. Non-members may or may not already have an account depending on if you've ever done business with us. So try the "access my account" link first. If that does not locate you, then click on the "create a new profile" link.  Details for How to Log In (members & non-members) can be found under "HELP" in the main Connected Community navigation. The same instructions apply whether you're going to the Connected Community, the GSA Store, Geofacets, or the Change of Address Form.

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Q: I reset my password. Now I can't find my user name.
A: In the email you received to reset your password your user name is shown in the first paragraph like this:
Password reset request for logon: XXXXXX
If you see a number there, and you've never been through the SSO system before, your user name defaults to your member ID.

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Q: Can I change my User Name?
A: Yes. Once you are logged in, go to the 'Edit Profile' link (in box above or purple bar below banner). Scroll down just past the address section and you'll see a 'Login Credentials' section. This is where you can change your user name and password to one of your choosing anytime you wish.

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Q: What about my login for GSA Journals?
A: GSA Online Publications is managed by HighWire Press and is a completely different system. We hope to someday connect their system with ours, but for now they are different.

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