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Earth Science Week Links

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The Web sites listed contain information, educational activities, and links to other useful sites for earth science careers and general and discipline-specific earth science topics. Many of the activities are classroom-ready and/or interactive. For more information, visit AGI's Earth Science World.

I Information A Programs and Activities L Links to other useful sites

Earth Science Careers

I     Careers in the Geosciences
This site, maintained by AGI, contains general information about working in the geosciences, as well as articles, a list of geoscience departments, statistics, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to other useful sites.
I     Association for Women Geoscientists Career Profiles
This site contains descriptions of various geoscience disciplines and interviews with scientists.
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General Earth Science Sites

    L Geoscience Info on the Worldwide Web
This Illinois State Geological Survey site contains numerous links to geoscience information on the Web.
  A   Hands-on Earth Science
17 hands-on activities (via PDF), including "Everyone Loves Fossils" and "Crystal Garden."
I A L The Learning Web at the U. S. Geological Survey
This site contains K-12 age-specific activities classified by discipline, information on topics that affect humans, and a list of educational resources available through the USGS.
  A   Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
This site has instructions for creating some interesting devices (such as a volcano and a seismograph) using easy-to-get materials. Activities in the categories of Weather and Astronomy/Earth Science will be most useful for Earth Science Week.
  A L Athena Earth and Space Science for K–12
This site contains K–12 instructional materials and links for earth, space, and ocean science. Appropriate grade levels are not specified, and the site can be a little confusing to navigate.
I A   The GLOBE Program
Teacher and student resources and more, with investigations into the atmosphere, hydrology, soil, land cover and biology, GPS, and the seasons. Appropriate grade levels specified for activities.
  A L Nebraska Earth Science Education Network
This site offers grade level-specified lesson plans on geology, meteorology, mapping, water, soils, astronomy, the environment, and climate change. Also contains information on educator resources.
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Discipline-Specific Earth Science Sites

I   L USGS Earthquake Information
This site contains general information on earthquakes, a searchable earthquake database, information on the latest quakes, and links to other sites (including earthquake education sites).
  A   Virtual Earthquake
This site maintains an interactive computer program designed to teach the user how scientists locate earthquake epicenters and determine quake magnitude on the Richter scale.

Environmental Geology
I A L The Environmental Education Network
This site is a clearinghouse for Web-based environmental education information, materials, and ideas. Contains links to many K-12 activities, and also provides links to resources for students.

Fossils, Natural History, Evolution, and Geologic Time
I     Geologic Time
This site is an on-line edition of Geologic Time, a USGS publication. Contains information on the geologic time scale, the relative time scale, divisions of geologic time, index fossils, the radiometric time scale, and the age of Earth.
I A   The Museum of Paleontology, University of California at Berkeley
This site contains information on: (a) fossils, natural history, evolution, science literacy, geologic time, and on-line exhibits, (b) links to other resources, and (c) grade level-appropriate activities tied to the National Science Standards.

Minerals and Mining
I A   Mineral Information Institute
Based on the idea that "Everything we have and everything we use comes from our natural resources. This site contains maps, posters, information on minerals, lessons, and activities pertaining to minerals and mining education. Many of the materials are free.
  A L Women in Mining's Mineral Resources for Teachers
This site contains activities, games, essays, and Web links pertaining to minerals education. Activities are primarily geared toward elementary and intermediate students.

I     Views of the Solar System
This Web site contains extensive information, images, history, data, and videos of all the planets in our solar system, the sun, meteorites, and comets.
I   L The Nine Planets
This site contains information, history, mythology, scientific knowledge, images, and videos about each of the planets (and their accompanying moons) in our solar system.
  A   Exploring Planets in the Classroom
This site provides more than 25 classroom-ready, hands-on activities in the areas of planetary properties, volcanology, impact craters, dynamic Earth, gradation, gravity and rockets, the moon, remote sensing, and Mars. Most of the activities seem appropriate for intermediate students.

I A   Volcano World
This site contains information on current eruptions, images of volcanoes, volcanoes of other worlds, volcanic parks and observatories, video clips, and interviews with volcanologists. Also contains an ask-a-volcanologist service, lesson plans, and activities.
  A L Volcanoes Online
This site specializes in information on both volcanoes and plate tectonics. Also includes educational information, links to other sites, comics, and games.
I   L Hawaii Center for Volcanology
This site contains information on the formation of Hawaiian volcanoes, a photo gallery, and links to other useful sites.

Water Science
I A   Water Science for Schools
This site contains information on many aspects of water, and includes maps, data, a photo gallery, and an interactive center where users can test their subject knowledge.
I     Daily U.S. Streamflow Conditions Map
This site provides online access to real-time streamflow information. It provides a daily U.S. map of streamflow conditions, access to tables of regional streamflow data, and a 5-day animation of streamflow conditions.

Other Discipline-Specific Earth Science Sites
I     U.S. National Weather Service
This NOAA site provides local, national and global weather updates and maps.
I     National Parks Service
This site provides views of the U.S. National Parks and information on nature and science.
I   L The United States Show Caves Directory
This site provides information on possible field trip locations as well as general information on all registered caves open to the public.