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April / May 2004
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Science Article:
Are plutons assembled over millions of years by amalgamation from small magma chambers?
Allen F. Glazner, John M. Bartley, Drew S. Coleman, Walt Gray, and Ryan Z. Taylor

 Denver 2004 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition - Call for Papers  PDF   Full Text
Important Dates 13
GSA Associated and Allied Societies 14
Pardee Keynote Symposia 15
Topical and Discipline Sessions 16
GSA Employment Service 36
How to Submit Your Abstract 37
Field Trips 38
Short Courses 40
K-16 Program 40
Student Volunteer Opportunities 42
Registration and Lodging 43
Guest Program 43
GSA Mentor Programs 44
Student Travel Grants 45
Graduate School Information Forum 47

Geoindicators Update: Growing Interest in Tracking Rapid Geological Change 46
Call for Nominations: Thirteenth Annual Biggs Award for Excellence in Earth Science Teaching for Beginning Professors 47
Penrose Conference Scheduled: Secular Variation in Tectonics and Allied Fields 48
Penrose Conference Report: Neogene-Quaternary Continental Margin Volcanism 50
GSA Foundation Update 54
Journal Highlights 55
Announcements 56
Ethical Guidelines for Publication 58
Classified Advertising 61
GeoMart Geoscience Directory 62

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