Call for Editor

Science Editor Opening for 2018

GSA is soliciting applications and nominations for a science co-editor for GSA Today with a four-year term beginning 1 January 2018. Science editor duties include: ensuring stringent peer review and prompt handling of submissions; making final acceptance or rejection decisions after considering recommendations of reviewers; and maintaining excellent content through active solicitation of diverse and definitive manuscripts.

GSA Today is widely distributed and read, is open access online, and its science articles are often used in classrooms. The GSA Today editors are able to develop and shape the journal by supplementing volunteer submissions with invited papers–editors identify research topics of high quality and broad appeal and then solicit authors for the selected topics.


  • a broad interest and experience in geosciences, including familiarity with new trends;
  • international recognition and familiarity with many geoscientists and their work;
  • a progressive attitude and a willingness to take risks and encourage innovation;
  • prior editing experience and a publication record in a wide range of journals;
  • experience with online manuscript systems and the ability to make timely decisions; and
  • a sense of perspective and humor.


  • Please submit a curriculum vitae and a letter describing why you are suited for the position to Jeanette Hammann,
  • To nominate another, submit a nomination letter and the person’s written permission and CV.

Editors work out of their current locations at work or at home. The positions are considered voluntary, but GSA provides an annual stipend and funds for office expenses, and it pays for travel to the GSA Annual Meeting.

DEADLINE: 6 October 2017.