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Volcanology/Geochemistry/Petrology, Ph.D. position, Montana State University

A Volcanology/Geochemistry/Petrology Ph.D. position is available through the Earth Sciences Department at Montana State University starting Fall 2018. This position will be under the supervision of Dr. Madison Myers with 4 years of funding provided as teaching and/or research assistantships.

Projects are open for discussion, but will involve components related, but not limited to: magmatic storage and ascent dynamics, diffusion modeling, textural analysis, petrologic and glass geochemistry, and field mapping.

Montana State is located in the beautiful city of Bozeman, just a few hours from the heart of Yellowstone National Park. Please check the website for more information on the Montana State Earth Sciences Department.

B.S. Earth Sciences/Geological Sciences, with focus towards Volcanology/Geochemistry/Petrology

Here are the official requirements through the Montana State Graduate School, which will be reopened to the successful candidate:

Preferred Qualities
•    Strong computational skills (e.g. Differential Equations, Calculus)
•    Senior Thesis or Masters degree with preferable focus on volcanology

All interested applicants must inquire with a 1 page copy of their resume, including relevant course and research experience, and a brief statement of research and professional interests. These inquiries must be made with Dr. Madison Myers ( by March 16, 2018.