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Arctic deltas, Research Assistant, Summer 2017, Los Alamos National Laboratory

We are looking for a research assistant for summer 2017 to participate in research on Arctic deltas in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The goal of the project is to characterize Arctic delta response to climate change and possible implications for changes to fluxes of water, sediment, and nutrients reaching the coast, using a combination of remote sensing and modeling. The assistant can be either a graduate or undergraduate student, and is encouraged to develop their own scientific ideas in tandem with our ongoing research efforts.

Desired skills and expertise:
• Quantitative data analysis
• Familiarity with python, matlab, or some other programming language
• Background in geomorphology, surface processes, hydrology, coastal geology, permafrost environments, or some other relevant field
• Remote sensing and/or modeling experience is a plus, but not required

Position details:
This is a paid position, with pay dependent on the level of education. Start date is negotiable, but ideally the candidate will be available for the majority of May/June through August. The research assistant will work at Los Alamos National Lab, which requires relocation to the Los Alamos area for the duration of the appointment. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV or resume to Anastasia Piliouras at