About the North-Central Section

North-Central Section

In 1966, the North-Central Section was established by the Council of the Geological Society of America to expand section coverage for all of the United States and Canada. Please explore the links at right to learn more about the benefits we offer our Section members.


2017-2018 Section Officers

3 Members - Terms: Chair—1 year; Vice-Chair—1 year; Secretary—4 years

Chair and Local Committee Chair

William W. Simpkins
Iowa State University

Vice-Chair and Local Committee Vice-Chair

Alan Wanamaker
Iowa State University

First year of second 4-year term

Nancy S. Williams
Missouri State University

Management Board
Includes the officers of the Section, the immediate past chair, the immediate past vice-chair, the past secretary for the first year after his term(s) of office end(s), any member of the GSA Council who is also a voting member of the Section, and three voting members of the Section elected at large.

Past Chair:

Timothy G. Fisher
University of Toledo
+1-419-530-2009 (Office)

Past Vice-Chair:

James A. Harrell
University of Toledo
+1-419-530-2193 (Office)

Student Representative:

Melinda C. Higley
University of Illinois

Members- at Large

C. Renee Sparks, Tina M. Niemi, B. Brandon Curry

Membership 3,165 voting members of the Section as of 29 December 2017.


In the United States:

The states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

In Canada:

The Province of Manitoba, and the western portion of the Province of Ontario (west of the 89th meridian).