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Part of GSA's vision is to foster the human quest for understanding Earth, planets, and life. Earth-science education is at the core of the National Academy of Science's National Education Standards, and GSA is dedicated to increasing the appreciation of Earth's history, processes, and resources. Please read more about our Teacher Advocate Program and the support it provides to earth science educators. Browse the links below for GSA's many educational and public outreach resources.

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Lite Geology

Lite Geology

Check out Lite Geology, a quarterly publication geared toward earth-science teachers.

Geology Knows no Borders

The IUGS Commission on Geoscience Education, Training and Technology Transfer (COGE) was established in 2004 by the IUGS to examine and develop programs to assist developed and developing countries to maintain, expand or introduce better earth science education, outreach and technology transfer within their country. Two members of GSA’s Education and Outreach Department are members of this Commission.