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Mission Geography: USA - (3-5) Xpeditions, National Geographic Society. Students research the culture, physical geography and history of states in each region of the U.S. They then develop a "family travel plan" and create an itinerary to highlight interesting destinations and characteristics of selected states, while working within limitations such as time and available resources.
Florida Geographic Alliance - These lesson plans were developed by teachers through workshops of the Florida Geographic Alliance. These plans cover topics such as mapping, hurricanes, Antarctica, country profiles, dinosaurs, Earth structure, regions, population and forces shaping the Earth. Each plan contains the procedure, time needed, objectives and any other information that may be helpful to educators.
Introduction to Latitude and Longitude (K-3) - This lesson introduces students to latitude and longitude. They'll look at lines of latitude and longitude on a United States map and discuss the reasons why these lines are helpful. They'll also discuss the ways that temperatures vary with latitude and will explain the clothes they might wear at specific latitudes. Need internet access.


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