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Kenneth B. Taylor
Kenneth B. Taylor — 6th GSA Congressional Science Fellow. Legislative assistant, Senator Harry Reid from September 1991 through August 1992.

Congressional Science Fellowship

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Kenneth B. Taylor

As a Congressional Science Follow, Taylor's aim Is "to help formulate responsible public policy through Input of geoscientific Information, and expenses" He is also "strongly committed to increasing science awareness at all levels in public education."

Taylor received his Ph.D. in geophysics from Saint Louis University. His principal research interest is earthquake studies in the central United States, and his work on local and regional seismicity, has been repeatedly recognized by the media and regional hazard mitigation groups as a resource for public education. He hopes to be placed in a congressional office where he can work on earthquake hazard reduction and programs to increase science education in primary and secondary schools. In addition, he is interested in any debate that includes geology such as hazardous waste disposal, oil and gas exploration in sensitive environments, and the possible exploitation of mineral resources in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Although most of his work involves earthquakes, Taylor's training has included both geology and geophysics. He received his B.S. in geology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill In 1979, and his M.S. in geology from the University of South Carolina in 1981. After leaving South Carolina, he worked two years as a research geophysicist with Teledyne-Geotech, Garland, Texas, on projects ranging from secondary oil recovery and nuclear test ban verification to seismic recording of volcanic eruptions. In addition, he served as the co-chairman of the Student Assistants Committee for the 1989 GSA Annual Meeting In St. Louis.