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Jill S. Schneiderman
Jill S. Schneiderman — 9th GSA Congressional Science Fellow. Legislative assistant, Senator Tom Daschle from September 1994 through August 1995.

Congressional Science Fellowship

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Jill S. Schneiderman

As a Congressional Science Follow, Schneiderman brought to Congress her commitment to make the results of scientific research accessible to policy-makers. Legislative work that interests her includes reauthorization of existing environmental statutes such as the Clean Water Act, establishment of a National Institute for the Environment, consideration of the concept of environmental justice, and the Antarctic Environmental Protection and Protocol Acts. Schneiderman received her Ph.D. in geology in 1987 from Harvard University. Her research activities in earth science have ranged from investigations of the formation of mountain belts to assessments of climate change. On leave (1993–1994) from her position as associate professor of geology at Pomona College where she has taught courses in geology, women's studies, and the history of science, Schneiderman recently completed a one-year Smithsonian postdoctoral fellowship at the U.S. National Museum of Natural History. While there, she examined Nile delta sediments for their record of climate change in the Sahara Desert. Schneiderman received a B.S. in geology from Yale in 1981 and an A.M. in geology in 1985 from Harvard. Following her one-year appointment as GSA's Congressional Science Follow, Schneiderman will join the faculty of Vassar College as associate professor of geology.