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Craig M. Schiffries
Craig M. Schiffries — 5th GSA Congressional Science Fellow. He worked on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary/ Subcommittee on Technology and Law from September 1990 through August 1991.

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Craig M. Schiffries

Schiffries believes that recent scientific and political developments have created an unprecedented need for scientific input in governmental decisions. His goal as Congressional Science Fellow is, he says, "to communicate to policy makers the views of scientists, and to communicate to scientists the nature of the policy making process." In his role as Congressional Science Fellow, Schiffries will advise members of Congress on the implications of geology and other science-related, legislative matters. He plans to focus on several issues, including global change and human stewardship of Earth; the role of natural resources, science, and technology in maintaining a competitive advantage for the United States in the international economy; technology transfer, scientific exchange, and resource development in the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe and the Third World; and improving scientific literacy among nonscientists.

Schiffries received his Ph.D. in geology from Harvard and is currently a Carnegie Fellow at the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution in Washington. He completed his undergraduate work at Yale where he graduated summa cum laude with a double major in geology and geophysics, and economics and political science. He also earned a master's degree in geology and geophysics at Yale, and then an honors B.A. in philosophy, politics, and economics at Oxford University. He has received numerous fellowships and awards, including: Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship, Marshall Scholarship to Oxford University, Yale's Belknap Prize, Burton P. Twichell Memorial Scholarship at Yale, and Bank of America Scholarship for Science and Mathematics. Schiffries has also done field work in North America, India, South Africa, and the USSR.