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Tamara Nameroff
Tamara J. Nameroff — 11th GSA Congressional Science Fellow. Legislative assistant, Senator Joseph P. Lieberman from September 1996 through August 1997.

Congressional Science Fellowship

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Tamara J. Nameroff

Nameroff's goals as a Congressional Science Fellow are to promote environmental policies that are scientifically defensible, and to work to ensure that Congress recognizes the influence of science and technology policies on large sectors of the U.S. economy. She expects to draw on her academic experiences in analytical chemistry and oceanography, as well as her work in industrial and regulatory agency settings. "I am especially interested in the debate on the national policy on research and development, the links between R&D and economic growth, and the relationship between environmental policies and the U.S. economy," Nameroff states.

Nameroff received her Ph.D. in environmental and analytical chemistry in 1996 from the University of Washington. Among her research interests and experience are trace metal geochemistry; paleoceanography; tracers of paleocean circulation and preservation of organic matter; diagenesis of organic matter; aquatic chemistry; novel trace metal analytical techniques; flow injection analysis; and federal environmental, science and technology policies. Nameroff received her M.S. in environmental and analytical chemistry from the University of Washington, and her B.A. in chemistry, magna cum laude, from Carleton College, Northfield, MN.