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Margaret Goud Collins
Margaret Goud Collins — 7th GSA Congressional Science Fellow. She worked on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works from September 1992 through August 1993.

Congressional Science Fellowship

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Margaret Goud Collins

As a Congressional Science Fellow, Goud Collins worked on issues spanning science, education, the environment, and foreign relations, particularly with respect to developing countries. With the aim of strengthening local research and education capabilities in developing countries, her primary focus was to Increase the Involvement of the American scientific community in formulating and effecting environmental development aid.

Goud Collins received her Ph.D. In oceanography in 1987 from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)-MIT Joint Program in Oceanography. Her principal research interests are coastal processes, marine geology, and sediment transport. From 1988 to 1990, Goud Collins worked in Manila at the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute, teaching and helping to set up graduate programs In marine geology and physical oceanography. She has been at WHOI since her return, Investigating and instigating ways of increasing collaborative research between scientists in America and in developing countries. She also participated as a sedimentologist on Leg 134 of the Ocean Drilling Program. Goud Collins received her B.S. in geology from Stanford University In 1978.