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Pete Folger
Peter Folger — 10th GSA Congressional Science Fellow. Legislative assistant for Senator Pete V. Domenici from September 1995 through August 1996.

Congressional Science Fellowship

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Peter F. Folger

As a Congressional Science Fellow, Folger worked on issues spanning resource development and environmental preservation, and public health policies, and gained experience in the knowledge transfer process between the scientific community and policymakers. Folger applied his experiences in private industry, government research, and academia to the complicated issues of formulating a proper balance between resource development and economic and environmental impact.

Folger received his Ph.D. in geological engineering in 1995 from the Colorado School of Mines. His principal research interests and training are in the fields of hydrogeology, economic geology, and geochemistry, with special emphasis on water-quality and radon concentration. From 1989 to 1991, his industry experience included managing a geochemical programs group and working as a project geologist at the Rocky Flats Plant in Colorado. Prior to that, he was a geologist for AMAX Exploration for two years. Folger received an A.B. with distinction in geology from Dartmouth College in 1982, and a masters in geology in 1988 from the University of Montana.