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Date posted is noted in brackets after ad title. Published ads rotate on or around the 1st of each month.

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To view ads your browser must allow pop-ups and be Javascript enabled. Date posted is noted in brackets after ad title. Published ads rotate on or around the 1st of each month.

Opportunities For Students
View Ad Multiple Graduate Assistantships Available in Geology and Meteorology at Iowa State University [ 23 Nov ]
View Ad Graduate Opportunities in Planetary Geology at North Carolina State University [ 23 Nov ]
View Ad PhD Fellowships in Hydrologic Sciences at the University of Nevada Reno and the Desert Research Institute [ 5 Nov ]
View Ad PhD Scholarships in Aqueous, Environmental, and Isotope Geochemistry, School of Earth, Atmosphere, and Environment, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia [ 27 Oct ]
View Ad Lindahl Ph.D. Scholarships, Department of Geological Sciences, The University of Alabama [ 21 Oct ]
View Ad PhD Opportunity, Solute Spreading on Fracture Surfaces, University of Tennessee [ 16 Oct ]
View Ad PhD Opportunity in Geoscience Research and Pedagogy, University of Tennessee [ 15 Oct ]
View Ad Newmont logo Geoscience Students
“Find Your Element,” Internships,
Entry-Level Emerging Talent Program, Newmont

[ 2015 ]
Fellowship Opportunities
View Ad Post-Doctoral Fellow in Geoscience Education, Clemson University [ 7 Nov ]
View Ad Roger E. Deane Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Toronto [ 27 Oct ]
View Ad Joseph P. Obering Postdoctoral Fellowship, Dartmouth College [ 2 Sep ]
View Ad NASA PostDocs
NASA Postdoctoral Fellowships
[ 2015 ]
Positions Open
View Ad Assistant Professor of Hydrology, Columbus State University [ 4 Nov ]
View Ad Assistant Professor of Geology, Columbus State University [ 23 Nov ]
View Ad Assistant Professor Structural Geology (Tenure Track), Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology [ 23 Nov ]
View Ad Instructor, Department of Geology & Geological Engineering, University of Mississippi [ 20 Nov ]
View Ad Assistant Professor of Environmental Geochemistry, University of Montana Western [ 17 Nov ]
View Ad Univ Cambridge Logo
University Lectureship in Palaeobiology
University of Cambridge
[ 17 Nov ]
View Ad Research General Engineer/Physical Scientist, National Energy Technology Laboratory [ 17 Nov ]
View Ad CUBoulder Logo
Assistant Professor in Geodesy and Remote Sensing
(Tenure-track), University of Colorado Boulder
[ 17 Nov ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Climate Science, Tennessee Tech University [ 14 Nov ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Mineralogy, University of West Georgia [ 14 Nov ]
View Ad Geoscience Education, Western Washington University [ 14 Nov ]
View Ad Tenure Track, Sedimentology, San Jose State University [ 12 Nov ]
View Ad Interdisciplinary Lectureship in Environmental Geophysics – R2709, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine [ 12 Nov ]
View Ad Faculty Positions, Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University [ 11 Nov ]
View Ad Hydrogeology, Assistant or Associate Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington [ 11 Nov ]
View Ad Endowed Chair (Associate/Full Professor) of Unconventional Energy, Purdue University [ 11 Nov ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Applied Geology, Southern Connecticut State University [ 10 Nov ]
View Ad CUAHIS logo
Executive Director
Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI)
[ 9 Nov ]
View Ad Two Assistant Professor Positions, Physical Geology and Geochemistry, Department of Geological Sciences, College of Science, University of Texas at El Paso [ 6 Nov ]
View Ad Tenure-Track, Earth and Environmental Science Education Research, Florida International University [ 5 Nov ]
View Ad Kansas Geo Survey logo
Director, Kansas Geological Survey, The University of Kansas, Lawrence
[ 4 Nov ]
View Ad Assistant Professor of Digital Science (Geosciences, Paleontology, or related discipline), University of South Florida [ 4 Nov ]
View Ad Department Chair, Professor, Murray State University [ 3 Nov ]
View Ad Assistant Professor Paleontology, SUNY Potsdam [ 3 Nov ]
View Ad Assistant Professor of Structural Geology, SUNY Potsdam [ 3 Nov ]
View Ad Instructor of Earth Science, Rogers State University [ 3 Nov ]
View Ad Faculty Position in Earth and Planetary Materials, University of California Davis [ 2 Nov ]
View Ad Assistant Professor, Economic Geologist, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania [ 2 Nov ]
View Ad Assistant Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology [ 29 Oct ]
View Ad Associate Director, Energy and Minerals, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) [ 28 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professor in Environmental Geology, Mississippi State University [ 27 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Sea Level Rise/Climate Change, Florida International University [ 27 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professor in Environmental and Resource Science, Nevada State College [ 27 Oct ]
View Ad Associate/Full Professor, Sedimentary Geology and Director Potential Gas Agency
Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
[ 27 Oct ]
View Ad Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Tectonics, Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno [ 27 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professor, Environmental Geochemistry/Applied Biogeosciences, Weber State University [ 27 Oct ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Physical Geography, Department of Earth Science, Utah Valley University [ 21 Oct ]
View Ad Lecturer, Department of Geology and Environmental Science, University of Pittsburgh [ 21 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professor in Marine/Coastal Systems Science, West Chester University of Pennsylvania [ 21 Oct ]
View Ad Two Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Positions in Basin-Modeling, Solid Earth Geophysics and Sedimentology, Kansas State University [ 19 Oct ]
View Ad Geology Instructor, Santa Monica College [ 16 Oct ]
View Ad Visiting Assistant Professor Earth and Environmental Science, Wheaton College, Illinois [ 15 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professor, Basin Dynamics, A&S Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati [ 14 Oct ]
View Ad Tenure Track Position in Hydrology/Surface Processes, Indiana University [ 14 Oct ]
View Ad Univ Lausanne logo
Professorship (all levels) in the Biogeochemistry
of the Earth Surface System
, University of Lausanne [ 14 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professorship in Petrology, Simon Fraser University [ 8 Oct ]
View Ad Climatology or Geohydrology at Binghamton Univeristy [ 8 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences, Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of North Carolina at Charlotte [ 29 Sep ]
View Ad Laboratory Coordinator III, Colorado School of Mines [ 28 Sep ]
View Ad Paleobiology, Geobiology, and Earth History, Faculty Positions, Harvard University [ 28 Sep ]
View Ad Two Faculty Positions in Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley [ 28 Sep ]

Ads Published in November GSA Today:

Positions Open
View Ad Marshall-Heape Chair in Geology, Tulane University [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Williams College [ 5 Oct ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Energy Geoscientist, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Alabama [ 5 Oct ]
View Ad Department Chair, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, and Instructor, Department of Geography and Geology, The University of Southern Mississippi [ 5 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant / Associate Professor, Watershed Analysis, Montana State University [ 4 Sep ]
View Ad Univ Lausanne logo
Professorship in Paleontology and
Paleoenvironmental Change, University of Lausanne
[ 2 Oct ]
View Ad Three Assistant Professor Positions, Department of Geology & Geography, West Virginia University [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Lecturer Faculty Position, Geoscience, Miami University [ 5 Oct ]
View Ad Faculty Position, Paleoclimatology, Auburn University [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Faculty Position, Coupled Natural and Human Systems Auburn University [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Hydrogeology California State University Northridge [ 30 Sep ]
View Ad Sedimentary Geology, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas [ 30 Sep ]
View Ad Assistant Professor of Geology and Geophysics, Missouri University of Science and Technology [ 30 Sep ]
View Ad Geochemistry Lab Manager, Miami University [ 30 Sep ]
View Ad Visiting Instructor, Visiting Assistant Professor, Hydrogeology, Miami University [ 29 Sep ]
View Ad Full Professor, Department Chair, San Diego State University [ 30 Sep ]
View Ad Geoscience Education, Western Washington University [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Appalachia logo
Tenure Track Position, Sedimentary Geology,
Department of Geology, Appalachian State University
[ 28 Sep ]
View Ad Two Positions: Assistant Professor of Geology; Geology Instructor, University of South Carolina Aiken [ 28 Sep ]
View Ad Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry Position, University of Massachusetts [ 28 Sep ]
View Ad Affiliate Faculty of Geology, Grand Valley State University [ 28 Sep ]
View Ad Assistant Professor (Economic Geology/Mineralogy), Southern Illinois University Carbondale [ 28 Sep ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Assistant or Associate Professor in Economic Geology, University of Nevada Las Vegas [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Faculty Position, Planetary Petrology/Mineralogy/Geochemistry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville [ 22 Sep ]
View Ad Surficial Geology, Minot State University [ 18 Sep ]
View Ad W.B. Hamilton Professor of Earth Sciences, Southern Methodist University [ 16 Sep ]
View Ad Assistant Professor, Geophysics, California State University, Long Beach [ 29 Sep ]
View Ad Junior Level Faculty Position, Sedimentary Basin Analysis, Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University [ 29 Sep ]
View Ad Tenure-Track Position, in Sedimentology or Geophysics, Texas Tech University [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professor of Geology (Surficial Geology), Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Dartmouth Logo

Earth Surface Processes
Dartmouth College

[ 27 Aug ]
View Ad Tenure-Track, Applied Geoscience, Baylor University [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Multiple Tenure-Track Faculty Positions, Department of Geological Sciences, California State University Fullerton [ 1 Oct ]
View Ad Assistant Professor, Sedimentary Geology/Paleoclimate, Occidental College
View Ad Stephen Austin Logo
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology
Stephen F. Austin State University

[ 31 Aug ]


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