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Student Grants

Southeastern Section

Student Grants

The GSA Foundation has awarded $4,500 to each of the six GSA sections. The money, when combined with equal funds from the sections, is used to assist both undergraduate and graduate student members of GSA. Please contact the Section Secretary for more information.

Travel Grants

The Southeastern Section of the Geological Society of America is pleased to offer support for the cost of student travel to SE Section Meetings as well as GSA Annual Meetings. All eligible students will receive some support, the amount depending on the number of applicants. Grants are normally in the $100 range.


  1. The student must be enrolled in an institution within the Southeastern Section and must be a student member or a member of the Geological Society of America (join now or renew).
  2. The student must personally present the paper (or poster) even though the paper may have co-authors.
  3. The student must be registered for the meeting before applying.
  4. The online Travel Grant Application Form must be completed by the specified deadline for that meeting. The application form is available from the "Students" page on the appropriate meeting announcement during the pre-registration period.
  5. Grant recipients must check in onsite at the GSA Registration Desk in person with photo ID. Checks are mailed after the meeting. If you don't check in at the meeting, the check will be voided.
    Notification of grant status will be made prior to the cancellation deadline, so if your attendance is dependent on receipt of a travel grant and you do not receive it, you may obtain a full registration refund.
  6. Each applicant will be informed by email before the cancellation deadline regarding their application status.
  7. Checks will be mailed ot you after the meeting. You must check in at the registration desk to show ID. Checks will not be mailed to you if you did not check in during the section meeting.

Contact Blair Tormey, Secretary, SEGSA, , with any questions about the travel grant program.

Research Grants

Graduate Students

Applications for SE Grad Student
Grants must be mailed to:

  Dr. Jonathan Mies
  Dept. of Biology, Geology and Environmental Sci.
  The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  615 McCallie Avenue, MC 2653
  Chattanooga, TN 37403-2598

You are no longer required to send a separate GRANT PROPOSAL to the section.  However, you do have to complete and submit the SE APPLICATION FORM if you want your proposal considered by the Section. The deadline for submission is the same as that of the grant proposal. The grants are competitive and will be awarded in late May.

Undergraduate Students

The Southeastern Section offers competitive undergraduate student research grants. Grants are awarded in early July.
Click here for the SE Undergrad Research Grant Application.

Applications for research grants
must be mailed to:

  Dr. Jonathan Mies
  Dept. of Biology, Geology and Environmental Sci.
  The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  615 McCallie Avenue, MC 2653
  Chattanooga, TN 37403-2598

To be considered for a research grant:
  1. The application must be POSTMARKED no later than 1 April.  Other forms of submission are not acceptable.
  2. The application must include proof of GSA membership (e.g. copy of member card).
  3. The application must be written on a current SEGSA research grant form.
  4. The applicant must include the requirement for letters of recommendation.
  5. The student must include documentation of enrollment in an institution within the Southeastern Section.