Technical Program

Technical Sessions

Technical sessions are scheduled for oral and poster presentations beginning 8 a.m. Thursday, 10 April, and concluding at 5 p.m. Friday, 11 April. All oral and poster sessions will be in the Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center.

Information for Session Chairs

Session chairs are invited to attend the “Session Chairs Orientation and Breakfast” from 7:00–7:50 a.m. in the 1872 Room, Preston’s Restaurant, on Thursday, 10 April (Old Guard and 1872 Rooms) and Friday, 11 April (1872 Room). Session chairs are requested to adhere strictly to the schedule and to limit speakers to the allotted times.

Information for All Presenters

Oral Presenters: Each speaker is allotted 20 minutes which includes ~15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Please note additional information below under Speaker Ready Room.

Poster Presenters: Authors of posters are asked to have their posters in place by 8 a.m. for morning sessions and 1 p.m. for afternoon sessions. Authors of posters should be present at their posters for 2 hours: 9–11 a.m. for morning sessions, and 2:30–4:30 p.m. for afternoon sessions. Morning session posters must be removed by noon and afternoon session posters by 5:30 p.m. Poster presenters will have one 4' by 8' horizontal (landscape) display board. The poster boards are Tack/Velcro boards. Please provide your own thumb  tacks – or the  brush side “hook” of Velcro. Electrical hookups will not be available for poster boards. We encourage poster presenters for the Thursday morning poster sessions to put their posters up prior to 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday so that they may be viewed by attendees at the Welcoming Reception. These posters may be left up overnight for the morning sessions. Security is provided by the Inn and Conference Center.

Speaker Ready Room

The Drillfield Room on the second floor of the Skelton Conference Center will serve as the speaker ready room. Student volunteers will be staffing the speaker ready room and providing assistance for uploading presentations. Each speaker should bring their PowerPoint presentation to the speaker ready room on either a CD-ROM/DVD disk or on a USB compatible flash drive (a.k.a. thumb drive, memory stick) according to the schedule listed below. All morning presentations must be uploaded by the end of the day prior to the presentation. All afternoon presentations must be uploaded by noon on the day of the presentation.

Speaker Ready Room Schedule

Wednesday, 9 April 4–7 p.m.
Thursday, 10 April 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Friday, 11 April 7:30 a.m.–2 p.m.


S1. Contextualizing the Importance of the Newark Supergroup to Understanding the Biotic Change in the Early Mesozoic.
Sterling Nesbitt, Virginia Tech; Paul Olsen, Columbia University.
S3. A Symposium in Honor of the Career of Richard Bambach.
Shuhai Xiao, Virginia Tech; Gwen Dailey, Winthrop University.
S4. In Honor and Memory of Dr. Robert B. Neuman: New Directions in Southern Appalachian Geologic Research, Foreland to Hinterland.
Mark Carter, USGS; Arthur Merschat, USGS; Elizabeth McClellan, Radford University; Melissa Brett, Radford University.

Theme Sessions

T1. Modern and Ancient Sediment Routing Systems in the Southeastern United States.
William Craddock, USGS; Kenneth Eriksson, Virginia Tech.
T2. Geologic Studies of the U.S. Atlantic Coastal Plain.
Christopher Swezey, USGS; William R. Doar III, South Carolina Geologic Survey.
T5. Ichnology in the Southeast USA.
Andrew K. Rindsberg, Univ. of West Alabama.
John Hole, Virginia Tech; Steven Whitmeyer, James Madison Univ.
T7. Lessons Learned from the 2011 Virginia Earthquake.
J. Wright Horton, USGS; Martin Chapman, Virginia Tech; Russell Green, Virginia Tech.
T8. Geohazards: Methods for Mapping, Monitoring, and Mitigating.
C.F. (Skip) Watts, Radford Univ.; M.J. (Marty) Woodard, Haley and Aldrich.
T10. Digital Devices and Online Resources for Geospatial Visualization.
Callan Bentley, Northern Virginia Community College; Declan DePaor, Old Dominion Univ.
T11. Hydrocarbon Recovery Using Fracking Technologies.
John Chermak, Virginia Tech.
T13. Evaluating Dust Contaminant Exposure and Impact on Human Health and Community Well-Being Associated with Coal Mining Activities.
Nicholas Basta, The Ohio State Univ.; John R. Craynon, Virginia Tech; Nancy E. Johnson, Kentucky College of Public Health; J. Buchanich, Univ. of Pittsburgh; E. Talbott, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Vladislav Kecojevic, West Virginia Univ.; Braden Lusk, Univ. of Kentucky; Susan L. Meacham, Virginia Tech; Michael E. Karmis, Virginia Tech.
T16. The Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and STEM: Opportunities for Geoscience Education in K–12 and Beyond.
William Witherspoon, Fernbank Science Center, DeKalb County School District; Denise Hills, Geological Survey of Alabama; Vladislav Kecojevic, West Virginia Univ.; Braden Lusk, Univ. of Kentucky; Susan L. Meacham, Virginia Tech; Michael E. Karmis, Virginia Tech.
T19. Innovative, Multidisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Core Geoscience Courses.
Lynn Fichter, James Madison Univ.; Lawrence Malinconico, Lafayette College; David Sunderlin, Lafayette College; Steven Whitmeyer, James Madison Univ.
T21. Karst and Caves.
Madeline Schreiber, Virginia Tech; John Haynes, James Madison Univ.; Dorothy Vesper, West Virginia Univ.
T22. Hydrologic Characterization of Crystalline-Rock Aquifers of the Blue Ridge and Piedmont Provinces.
Tom Burbey, Virginia Tech; Larry Murdoch, Clemson Univ.
T23. Water-Quality Issues in the Southeast U.S.
Vijay Vulava, College of Charleston; Madeline Schreiber, Virginia Tech.
T24. Hidden Gems: Geological Collections and Museums in the Southeastern U.S.
Jim Beard, Virginia Museum of Natural History; Llyn Sharp, Virginia Tech Museum of Geosciences; Sarah Timm, Virginia Museum of Natural History.
T25. Watershed Processes.
Jeff Wilcox, Univ. of North Carolina–Asheville; Weston Dripps, Furman Univ.
T27. Metamorphism in the Southeast and Beyond.
Ted Labotka,; Harry Y. McSween,, University of Tennessee–Knoxville.
T28. Economic Geology in the Southeast: Gold, REE, V, U, other Critical Minerals, and the Indispensible Industrial Minerals.
Nora Foley, USGS.


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