Technical Program

Technical Program

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Theme Sessions

T1. 21st Century Geoscience Education for K–16 Students: Novel Approaches and Current Research.
Amy Ellwein, Western State Colorado University,; Matt Nyman, Oregon State University,
T2. Advances in Chronology, Correlation, and Stratigraphy of the San Luis Valley and the Rio Grande Rift Zone.
Andrew Valdez, Great Sand Dunes National Park,; Cal Ruleman, USGS,; Shannon Mahan, USGS,
T3. Quaternary Glaciations, Paleoclimates and Landscape Evolution of the Greater Rocky Mountains.
Keith Brugger, University of Minnesota–Morris,; Dave Marchetti, Western State Colorado University,
T4. Basement Structure in the Colorado Rockies: Assembly and Reactivation.
Colin Shaw, Montana State University,; Joseph Allen, Concord University,
T5. Ancestral Rockies to the Laramide: Developing Structural Styles of the Southern Rockies.
Dave Lageson, Montana State University,; Tim Wawrzyniec, Western State Colorado University,
T6. The Late Paleozoic Structural, Stratigraphic, and Climatic Evolution of Ancestral Rocky Mountain Basins.
Gary Gianinny, Fort Lewis College,; Tim Lawton, New Mexico State University,
T7. Tectonic Evolution of the Rio Grande Rift, Southern Rocky Mountains.
Rachel Landman, University of Colorado Boulder,; Daniel Feucht, University of Colorado Boulder,
T8. Cenozoic Evolution of the Rocky Mountains: Toward an Improved Understanding of Mantle-Surface Processes Interactions.
Andres Aslan, Colorado Mesa University,; Magdalena Sandoval-Donahue, University of New Mexico,
T9. Reconstructing the Paleogene Topography of the Rocky Mountains.
Emmett Evanoff, University of Northern Colorado,
T10. Cenozoic Magmatism of the San Juan Mountains: Plutons to Volcanoes.
Dave Gonzales, Fort Lewis College,; Allen Stork, Western State Colorado University,
T11. REEs and Related Deposits in the Rocky Mountain-High Plains Region and Beyond.
Kevin Mahan, University of Colorado Boulder,; Julien Allaz, University of Colorado Boulder,; Chuck Stern, University of Colorado Boulder,; Lang Farmer, University of Colorado Boulder,; Rebecca Flowers, University of Colorado Boulder,
T13. Dust and Soil Geomorphological Research of the Intermountain West and Colorado Plateau: Applications and Approaches.
Les McFadden, University of New Mexico,; Amy Ellwein, Western State Colorado University,
T14. Climate Change, Water Resources, and Hydrologic Partitioning throughout the Upper Colorado River Basin.
Chris Shope, USGS,
T15. Mapping in the Rocky Mountains: Results from STATEMAP and EDMAP Project (Posters).
Dave Noe, Colorado Geological Survey,; Michael Timmons, New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources,; Grant Willis, Utah Geological Survey,
T16. Undergraduate Research in the Rocky Mountains (Posters).
Kim Hannula, Fort Lewis College,; Steve Semkin, Arizona State University,


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