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February 2011


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Education & Outreach
Field Camp Opportunity for Both Students & Professors
Application deadline: 1 April 2011
The GSA ExxonMobil Bighorn Basin Field Award will provide an all-expenses–paid field camp experience for select students and faculty this coming summer (31 July–5 August 2011). New this year: Undergraduate & graduate students as well as professors are invited to apply.
[ learn more ]

GSA GeoVentures is offering two amazing trips this year: to Australia and the Colorado Plateau of eastern Utah, USA. "Because the best scientists have seen the most rocks!"
[ learn more ]
Government Affairs
GSA Panel Seeks Input on DRAFT Geoheritage Position Statement
Comments and suggestions are due by 16 May 2011. Contact Craig Schiffries, GSA's Director for Geoscience Policy, if you have questions or need more information.
[ read position statement draft (PDF) | add your comments ]

Second Call: Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day
GSA members at all levels (students welcome!) are invited to take part in the 16th Annual Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day (CVD) on 6–7 April in Washington DC. Visit House and Senate offices and attend briefings about federal science agencies, training sessions, and a congressional reception. Contact Craig Schiffries for more information and to participate.
[ CVD Web page ]

Scientific Integrity Policy Adopted by U.S. Department of the Interior
The U.S. Dept. of the Interior has adopted a comprehensive scientific integrity policy that sets clear expectations for all employees, including political appointees, public affairs officers, and scientists. "Because robust, high-quality science and scholarship play such an important role in advancing the Department's mission, it is vital that we have a strong and clear scientific integrity policy" — Secretary Ken Salazar.
[ learn more ]

Comments Invited on Draft USGS Global Change Strategy
The U.S. Geological Survey is developing a 10-year science strategy for its new Climate and Land Use Change Mission Area. The deadline for comments is 8 April 2011.
[ USGS "Start with Science" Web page ]
Joint Meeting: Northeastern/North-Central
20–22 March, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Co-Chairs: Patrick Burkhart, Daniel Holm
[ register | tech program schedule ]
23–25 March, Wilmington, North Carolina
Chair: Richard Laws
[ register | tech program schedule ]
28–29 March, New Orleans, Louisiana
Chairs: Mark Kulp
Early registration deadline: 22 Feb.
[ register | tech program schedule ]
Joint Meeting: Rocky Mountain/

18–20 May, Logan, Utah
Co-Chairs: John Shervais,
Wendy Bohrson
Early registration deadline: 18 Apr.
[ register ]
Meeting hotels are filling quickly, so please make your reservations as soon as possible.
Section Meeting Mentors Needed
You can help mentor the next generation of geoscientists by volunteering for the Roy J. Shlemon Mentor Programs in Applied Geology and/or the John Mann Mentors in Applied Hydrogeology Program luncheons at each of GSA's Section Meetings.
[ view schedule ]

FRAGILE EARTH: Geological Processes from Global to Local Scales, Associated Hazards & Resources
4–7 Sept. 2011, Munich, Germany
Abstract deadline: 15 Apr. 2011
[ conference details | submit an abstract ]

GSA's 125th Anniversary Celebration
Celebrating Advances in Geoscience Our science, our societal impact, and our unique thought processes
Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity: Expedition to Antarctica
Take part in this trip of a lifetime 28 Dec. 2012–20 Jan. 2013 aboard the M/V Akademik Ioffe. Berths are limited, so sign up soon!
[ learn more about the trip | learn more about GSA's 125th Anniversary celebration ]
Grants, Awards & Recognition
2011 MGPV Distinguished Geologic Career Award
Nominations due: 15 March
GSA's new MGPV Division is offering a Distinguished Geologic Career Award to recognize an individual who has made distinguished contributions toward advancing geologic approaches to the fields of mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, and/or volcanology.
[ learn more (PDF) ]

Structural Geology & Tectonics Division Awards
Outstanding Publication Award
Nominations due:
1 March
This award is given annually for a published work (paper, book, or map) of exceptional distinction that clearly advances the science of structural geology or tectonics.
[ learn more ]
Career Contribution Award
Nominations due:
10 March
This award is given to an individual who has made numerous distinguished contributions toward advancing the science of structural geology or tectonics.
[ learn more ]
Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Research Award
Nominations due:
15 April
This award promotes research that combines structural geology and diagenesis and curriculum development in structural diagenesis. To help promote the cross-disciplinary emphasis of this award, GSA's Sedimentary Geology and Structural Geology & Tectonics Divisions jointly select the recipient.
[ learn more ]
Publications News
NEW in the GSA Bookstore
Memoir 207
Origin and Evolution of Precambrian High-Grade Gneiss Terranes, with Special Emphasis on the Limpopo Complex of Southern Africa
Edited by Dirk D. van Reenen, Jan D. Kramers, Stephen McCourt, and Leonid L. Perchuk
This well-rounded book is relevant to the big question of uniformitarianism in plate tectonics and its effects.

Special Paper 474
Qualitative Inquiry in Geoscience Education Research
Edited by Anthony D. Feig and Alison Stokes
As well as showcasing recent research, this volume provides insight into an alternative research approach for those new to, interested in, or even skeptical of qualitative inquiry.

Geological Association of Canada GEOText 6
Facies Models 4 (2010 edition)
Edited by Noel P. James and Robert W. Dalrymple
This updated edition of the original, highly popular textbook Facies Models from the Geological Association of Canada incorporates the enormous advances in our understanding of depositional environments since the last edition was issued in 1992.

2011 Calendar
Visions of the Dynamic Landscape
You still have plenty of time in 2011 to enjoy the stunning geoscience images in this all-color calendar — now at nearly 50% off the original price.
Of Note
Science Weekly ( Podcast: How blogs are changing science
This 24 Jan. 2011 article introduces a podcast made on location at the 13–15 Jan. 2011 ScienceOnline2011 conference at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, USA, and offers "an extended look at the world of blogging and its role in modern science."
[ Science Weekly post ]

NSB Seeks Feedback on NSF's Merit Review Criteria
Comments accepted through 15 March
The National Science Board's (NSB) Merit Review Task Force is undertaking a thorough review of the U.S. National Science Foundation's two merit review criteria, "intellectual merit" and "broader impacts." You are invited to provide comments and suggestions for improvements.
[ learn more ]
And on the Wire …
The Jan. 2011 GSA Today science article by T.K. Lowenstein et al., "Microbial communities in fluid inclusions and long-term survival in halite," continues to receive good media coverage, including a 19 Jan. Discovery News article, "Neanderthal-era organisms found buried alive"; an 18 Jan. DiarioLasAmé article, "Hallan vivas bacterias de hace 34.000 años"; and articles in more than 30 other media outlets, including the Christian Science Monitor, Nació (Chile), and the Epoch Times (16 Jan.).
[ GSA Today | Discovery News | DiarioLasAméricas | Epoch Times ]

A 13 Jan. 2011 Irish Times article, "New threat of mass extinction, 'marine wipeout'," discusses a pre-issue publication (5 Jan. 2011) Geology paper by J.H. Whiteside and P.D. Ward, "Ammonoid diversity and disparity track episodes of chaotic carbon cycling during the early Mesozoic."
[ abstract | Irish Times ]

J.E. Fassett et al.'s Geology article (posted online 5 Jan. 2011), "Direct U-Pb dating of Cretaceous and Paleocene dinosaur bones, San Juan Basin, New Mexico," generated a great deal of interest in the Canadian media, including a 29 Jan. Times and Transcript article, "Dino discovery extends survival," and a 1 Feb. Ottawa Citizen article, "Dinosaur bone discovery suggests some lived long after meteorite." It also picked up coverage in Jordan, with a 7 Feb. The Star article, "Dinosaur survivor debate lives on."
[ abstract | Ottawa Citizen | The Star ]

A 16 Jan. 2011 article on SF Gate (the San Francisco Chronicle online),"How Sierra Nevada rose from the jungle," details H.T. Mix et al.'s Jan. 2011 Geology paper, "Cenozoic migration of topography in the North American Cordillera."
[ abstract | SF Gate ]

G.D. Cody et al.'s Geology paper, "Molecular signature of chitin-protein complex in Paleozoic arthropods," published online on 3 Feb. 2011, was covered on the's National page on 9 Feb., "First: Paleozoic arthropods found to have exoskeletons," and in an 8 Feb. "The Dragon's Tales" blog post, "Chitin remnants in Paleozoic fossils."
[ abstract | | The Dragon's Tales blog post ]

The 2 Feb. 2011 "Carbon Based" blog post, "East Antarctic Ice Sheet may not be as stable as previously thought," draws on D.A. White et al.'s Jan. 2011 Geology paper, "Cosmogenic nuclide evidence for enhanced sensitivity of an East Antarctic ice stream to change during the last deglaciation."
[ abstract | Carbon Based blog post ]

M.P.A. Jackson et al.'s GSA Bulletin paper, "Modeling the collapse of Hebes Chasma, Valles Marineris, Mars," published online ahead of print on 28 Jan. 2011 is already generating media attention. A 10 Feb. 2011 New Scientist article, "Gushing flood formed giant Martian sinkhole," was picked up by World News Australia and other media outlets.
[ abstract | New Scientist ]

A 30 Jan. 2011 Arizona Geology blog post, "Pangea supercontinent breakup rifting in Arizona," discusses the history behind the GSA Bulletin paper (posted online 26 Jan. 2011) by J.E. Spencer et al., "Age and tectonic setting of the Mesozoic McCoy Mountains Formation in western Arizona, USA."
[ abstract | Arizona Geology blog post ]

A 27 Jan. 2011 Las Vegas Review-Journal article, "BLM study reveals high levels of arsenic in dust at Nellis Dunes," highlights research by B.T. McLaurin et al., "Combining surface mapping and process data to assess, predict, and manage dust emissions from natural and disturbed land surfaces," in the Feb. 2011 Geosphere, GSA's online-only journal.
[ abstract | Las Vegas Review-Journal ]

The Lithosphere article by M. Liu et al., "2000 years of migrating earthquakes in North China: How earthquakes in midcontinents differ from those at plate boundaries," published online ahead of print on 26 Jan. 2011, is the topic of a 9 Feb. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel "Health & Science Today" blog post, "Next central U.S. earthquake may not strike New Madrid," and a 9 Feb. Discovery News article, "China quakes give U.S. temblors pause."
[ abstract | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Discovery News ]
Geoscience Trivia
  1. What name is given to the fossilized tree resin found as irregular nodules in marine glauconitic sand, also known as blue earth?
  2. What term is used for soils that have not developed normal soil profiles and resemble the parent material?
  3. What name is given to the extremely fine ground up rock material found in glacial streams?

check your answers

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