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July 2010


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GSA Foundation News
Meetings > Abstracts deadline: 10 August
News from GSA's International Secretariat
Of Note

Calendar Close-Ups
Government Affairs
Geoscience Trivia

GSA Members on the Leading Edge
Congratulations to this year’s medal and award recipients, salutations to our new Fellows, and all the best to the student research grant recipients.

GSA Foundation News

Research Grants Set to Go International
GSA's Graduate Student Research Program makes up one of the largest and most prestigious funding programs for geoscience graduate students in North America, and now will be expanding to support GSA graduate student members worldwide. To gain the necessary funds to get the new International Program off the ground, GSA needs your help. A gift of any size to the GSA Research Grants — International Program Fund will make a difference.
[ make a donation ]

Announcing Two Additions to the GSA Foundation Staff
Geoff Feiss
became President of the GSA Foundation on 1 July, and Anna Christensen joined the Foundation as Chief Development Officer on 12 July.
[ read more about Geoff and Anna ]


The Numbers are In — Impact Factors are Climbing for GSA Journals
The 2009 ISI impact factors are up from 2008 for Geology, GSA Bulletin, and Geosphere, according to the ISA Journal Citation Reports, and GSA was recently notified that Lithosphere has been accepted into the Science Citation Index and Web of Science. More about impact factors is posted at the ISI Web site.
[ numbers for 2008 and 2009 | ISI site ]

NEW in the GSA Bookstore
Special Paper 468
Late Paleozoic Glacial Events and Postglacial Transgressions in Gondwana
edited by Oscar López-Gamundí and Luis A. Buatois
Among this collection of papers is one that challenges the popular interpretation that there was a single massive ice sheet over much of Gondwana during the late Paleozoic glaciation.


2010 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition
Denver, Colorado, USA • 31 October-3 November
Abstract deadline: 11:59 p.m. PDT, 10 August   [ submit an abstract ]

Space requests: Space for private alumni receptions is already quite limited, but we still have availability at the group alumni reception. Reserve your space today!

Thinking about participating in a field trip at the 2010 Annual Meeting?
Our online slideshow can help you decide on the right one for you.

21 short courses, one great weekend (29–31 Oct.) — If you could only take them all! Even if you want to take just one, we recommend that you sign up early (save US$30 if you register by 27 Sept.).

Photo Exhibition Call for photos! Enter your best geologic image into our second annual photo exhibition contest, and see how far it takes you! Deadline: 10 September. Categories: Rocky mountain regional geology, abstract images, geologic processes and features, and iconic landscapes.

Pardee Session Highlights
Pardee symposium 3 P3. Why Aren't Our Ideas Getting Attention? Finding a More Convincing Voice on Controversial Issues
Advocates: James Davis, Jon Goodwin, and Craig Cooper
A group of distinguished panelists, including Marcia McNutt, Susan Solomon, Dennis Mileti, and Baruch Fischhoff, explores elements of and influences on public decision making with an eye toward effective advocacy of geoscience in policy. [ more ]
Pardee Symposium 5 P5. Rapid Environmental/Climate Change in the Cretaceous Greenhouse World
Advocates: Chengshan Wan, Robert W. Scott, Michael Wagreich, Bradley B. Sageman, and William W. Hay
Nine speakers from USA, China, and Austria will discuss the causes, processes, and consequences of rapid environmental changes in the Cretaceous greenhouse world, from both marine and terrestrial records. [ more ]

Tectonic Crossroads: Evolving Orogens of Eurasia-Africa-Arabia
Ankara, Turkey, 3-8 October 2010
This is a fantastic opportunity to be on the ground in one of the most geologically fascinating places in the world, historic Ankara, Turkey. Register by 23 August for the best pricing, but we recommend that you register sooner if you're interested in a field trip, because they're filling up fast.
[ register online ]

News from GSA's International Secretariat

YES Africa Symposium – in conjunction with the 23rd Colloquium for African Geology
8-14 January 2011 • Abstract deadline: 10 August 2010
The Africa YES event invites early career scientist to attend a scientific meeting, discuss current research, and network with other scientists about scientific and professional development issues in geo-hazards, natural resources, climate change, gender parity in the geoscience profession, and science education.
[ more info | submit abstracts to ]

Of Note

Laserfest LaserFest – A Global Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Laser
How do lasers help geologists assess rockfall danger?
One of the most important geological applications of lasers is environmental monitoring (change detection). For example, the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) needed a way to objectively assess the risk of rockfalls in Yosemite National Park. Periodic laser scans of rock walls using Optech's ILRIS-3D provided geo-referenced spatial data that enabled the NPS to monitor and quantify surface and lateral movement, and more accurately assess rock stability while minimizing risk to park visitors.

Seeking Input from the Earth-Science Community
The U.S. National Research Council has created an online survey aimed at identifying new research opportunities in the earth sciences as they relate to the U.S. National Science Foundation's Division of Earth Sciences. This is a follow-up to the 2001 Basic Research Opportunities in the Earth Sciences report.
[ learn more and complete the survey ]

Arthur L. Day Prize and Lectureship
This prize from the National Academies of Science is awarded to a scientist making new contributions to the physics of Earth. The recipient is awarded a US$20,000 prize and funding for four to six lectures.
[ more info ]

Help Shape the Future of Education in Applied Earth Science
The University of Washington is interested in your opinions about a potential new degree in the field of applied earth science. Your feedback will help design educational programs for working professionals. Please take 8-10 minutes to complete this online survey by 25 July.

Calendar Close-Ups (Associated Societies)

30 Aug.-1 Sept., 2010 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference, Tropical Hydrology & Sustainable Water Resources in a Changing Climate, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Early-bird registration deadline: 9 August.

Geoscience Calendar
10-14 Apr. 2011, 24th Annual Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP), Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Session proposal deadline: 6 Sept. 2010; Abstract deadline: 19 Nov. 2010.

Government Affairs

Diversity in the Geosciences
GSA Council has approved a new position statement on diversity in the geosciences.
[ read statement ]

Geosciences Congressional Visits Day
21–22 September, Washington, D.C. GSA student, professional, teacher, and affiliate members are invited to participate in the third annual Geosciences Congressional Visits Day. Help raise visibility and support for science during these meetings with members of both House and Senate offices. To sign up, please contact Craig Schiffries.

Comments Invited on Draft Framework for Science Education Standards
A preliminary public draft of A Framework for Science Education has been posted for comment on the National Academies' Web site. Please add your comments by 2 August.

Congressional Briefing on Drought Policy
30 June, Washington, D.C. On GSA co-sponsored a congressional briefing on Drought Policy: Comparison of Australia and the United States.


"Predatory digging behavior by dinosaurs" by E.L. Simpson et al. (August Geology) was picked up by several media sources including the BBC and was covered by on 16 July.
[ abstract | Smithsonian article | BBC blogs article ]

A study by E.S. Nadin and J.B. Saleeby in the September GSA Bulletin, "Quaternary reactivation of the Kern Canyon fault system, southern Sierra Nevada, California," was cited in an 11 July San Francisco Chronicle Web article, "Inactive fault may trigger big quake after all."
[ abstract | San Francisco Chronicle article ]

"Cambrian origin of all skeletalized metazoan phyla—Discovery of Earth's oldest bryozoans (Upper Cambrian, southern Mexico)," (June Geology) by E. Landing et al., was featured on on 9 July.
[ abstract | ArtDaily article ]

July Geology's OPEN ACCESS article by A.P. Ballantyne et al., "Significantly warmer Arctic surface temperatures during the Pliocene indicated by multiple independent proxies" about Ellesmere Island was picked up by the Canwest News Service and covered by several news outlets, including a 28 June Vancouver Sun article, "Ellesmere Island fossil site sheds light on warming Arctic," a 28 June Edmonton Journal article, a 30 June article on
[ full text | Sun article | Edmonton Journal | MyEyewitnessNews article ]

J.C. McIntosh et al.'s March GSA Bulletin article, "Coupled hydrology and biogeochemistry of Paleocene–Eocene coal beds, northern Gulf of Mexico," was covered by Discovery News in a 22 June article titled "Bacteria Turn Coal and Oil into Renewable Energy."
[ abstract | Discovery News article ]

The July Geology article by A.M. Schleicher et al., "Nanocoatings of clay and creep of the San Andreas fault at Parkfield, California," was covered on the Highly Allochthonous blog in a 28 June post, "Creeping fault segments are showing their age." Discovery News also mentioned the abstract on 25 June, "Nano-coated Rocks Keep Earthquakes from Creeping Up." The abstract was picked up by UPI ("Tiny clays curb big earthquakes") and several other news outlets.
[ abstract | Highly Allochthonous blog | Discovery News article | UPI article ]
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Geoscience Trivia

  1. What is the state rock of California?
  2. Yule marble is the official rock of which U.S. State?
  3. Mississippi has designated as its state rock the fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation. Name the rock.

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