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June 2010


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GSA President Jean Bahr A Message from GSA President Jean Bahr
As my term as GSA President draws to a close, I thank all the GSA members who volunteered their time to make GSA meetings, publications, and other activities so successful over the past year. I also thank the dedicated GSA staff, whose efforts kept the Society on sound financial footing in a challenging economy. I enjoyed the chance to meet many student members at Section Meetings this spring and hope to see many of you in Denver this fall.

Awards & Recognition

Uncertain Future for GSA Gold Medals
The three highest awards of The Geological Society of America are the Penrose, Day, and Donath (Young Scientist Award) Medals. All three medals are 2.25-inch–diameter 14-karat solid gold. We are now challenged by the fact that the price of gold has far-outstripped the ability of the Penrose and Day medal funds to fully cover the costs of producing the medals. GSA is considering several options to close this gap, including changing the Penrose Medal to silver with gold plating and changing the size of the medals.
[ read full article & learn how you can help ]


2011 Section Meetings — Inviting Your Proposals
If you would like to propose & convene a theme session, please contact the meeting leader listed below. Theme proposals should include (1) name, address, and e-mail of convener(s); (2) theme session title; and (3) a one-paragraph session description.
Northeastern/North-Central Joint Section Meeting
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
20–22 March 2011
Contacts: Tom Anderson, , and Rodney Feldmann, . Proposals due by 1 August 2010.
Southeastern Section Meeting
Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
23–25 March 2011
Contacts: Richard Laws, , and Bill Harris, . Submit your proposals to the meeting Web site or via e-mail by 15 August 2010.
South-Central Section Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
27–29 March 2011
Contacts: Mark Kulp, , and M. Royhan Gani, . Proposals due by 2 July 2010.
Cordilleran/Rocky Mountain Joint Section Meeting
Logan, Utah, USA
18–20 May 2011
Contacts: Lisa Ely, , and Susanne Janecke, . Proposals due by 1 August 2010.
2010 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition • Denver, Colorado, USA
Early Registration is Now Open!
Take advantage of discounted registration prices and ensure your spot at the many amazing annual meetings events we have planned for you. Minimum enrollments are required for some programs, including field trips and short courses, so if something sparks your interest, "make your vote count"!
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International Section Travel Grants
The GSA International Section is working to provide travel support for students and young researchers from outside North America to attend GSA meetings. The deadline for receipt of travel funds for the Denver 2010 meeting is coming up fast, and we need your support as soon as possible.

Housing reservations are now being accepted. Check out hotel details and reserve early to get in on the housing option that's best for you.

Enrollment deadline:
27 September
Children are welcome at the meeting! We've contracted again with KiddieCorp to keep the kids busy while you're in a session or at your poster. Minimum enrollments are required to ensure this service runs, so please register before the deadline.

Abstract deadline: 10 August
Browse the technical program and discipline topics & get the jump on your abstract submission.
[ view topical sessions | submit abstract ]

Pardee Session Highlights
Pardee symposium 2 image P2. Evolving Moon: Recent advances in understanding our planetary neighbor from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and other missions
Advocate: David A. Williams, Arizona State University
This Pardee Symposium will highlight recent discoveries from the latest generation of spacecraft exploring the Moon, placed in the ongoing context of both continued global mapping and planning for future robotic and human surface exploration. Speakers will be drawn from the major science teams from all currently or recently operating missions.
Pardee Symposium 6 P6. Seeing the True Shape of Earth's Surface: Applications of Airborne and Terrestrial LiDAR in the Geosciences
Advocates: Ian P. Madin; Kurt L. Frankel
Is LiDAR really "crack cocaine for geologists"? This Pardee Symposium will explore the application of airborne and terrestrial LiDAR to paleoseismology, neotectonics, salt marsh ecology, lava flow morphology, post-fire slope processes, engineering geology, rockfalls and debris flows, geologic mapping, forestry, coastal processes, stream channels, and more. Attendees will be encouraged to discover the "what if" of LiDAR along with the "how to" of applying this exciting technology to their own areas of study. Come get hooked!

Government Affairs

Obama Names New NSF Director
3 June: President Obama has announced his intent to nominate Subra Suresh, dean of MIT's School of Engineering, to serve as director of the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Cora Marrett will serve as acting director after the departure of Arden Bement at the end of June.

America COMPETES Bill Passes House
28 May: After two failed attempts, the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act passed the House by a vote of 262 to 150. The legislation authorizes substantial increases in funding for the NSF and other key science agencies over the next five years.

National Academies: America's Climate Choices
19 May: Three new reports from the National Academies emphasize "why the U.S. should act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop a national strategy to adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change."

GSA Teams up with U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
18 May: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has appointed GSA to the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). The commission is a federal advisory board based out of the U.S. Department of State.


Publications News

NEW in the GSA Bookstore
Special Paper 463
Miocene Tectonics of the Lake Mead Region, Central Basin and Range
edited by Paul J. Umhoefer, L. Sue Beard, and Melissa A. Lamb
This volume's 19 chapters, two maps, and CD provide insights that are not only relevant to the Lake Mead region but to extensional processes in general.

Call for Books Science Co-Editor
Interested in having a direct impact on GSA's books program, including its Special Papers and Memoirs series? GSA's publications department is seeking applications and nominations for a books science editor to begin a four-year term in July 2011.

News from GSA's International Secretariat

34th International Geological Congress (IGC)
Australia 2012, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

2–10 August 2012
The 34th IGC will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) in Queensland. The event, which is held on behalf of the Oceania region, will provide a pivotal forum for international interdisciplinary interactions in all fields of geoscientific endeavor. The theme, "Unearthing our Past and Future," will highlight the crucial contributions of geoscience in meeting societal needs and sustaining Earth. Please register your interest by 31 July 2010.

Of Note

LaserFest — A Global Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Laser
How can lasers help us understand the ways in which Earth changes?
Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) allows scientists to generate digital maps of terrain at very high resolution and accuracy. Because the data are digital, computers can be used to compare TLS maps from different times, thereby enabling scientists to study landslides, earthquakes, and other events that affect the shape of Earth at all scales. Applications of TLS in geoscience will be discussed in depth at GSA's 2010 Annual Meeting, including session T125: Terrestrial Laser Scanning: Applications in Geology and Geomorphology.

An Illustrated Glossary of Cool Geological Things
Check out the Highly Allochthonous blog post for this month's edition of the Accretionary Wedge blogging carnival — it's loaded with both great pictures and information.

For Students — Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship
This fellowship will help fund a student applicant's proposal to conduct brief work outside the U.S. related to UNESCO's mandate to use education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, and/or communication and information to build strong ties among nations.
[ learn more ]

GeoCorps™ America

Now Accepting Applications for Fall/Winter Positions
Deadline to apply: 2 July
GSA's GeoCorps program is offering opportunities for geoscientists at all levels to work on U.S. National Forest, National Park, and BLM lands this coming fall and winter. Paid positions include "coastal geology assistant," "education specialist," and "geomorphology technician."


W.R. Dickinson et al.'s June Geology paper, "Detrital zircons from fluvial Jurassic strata of the Michigan basin: Implications for the transcontinental Jurassic paleoriver hypothesis," was covered in ScienceNews (7 June) and on the Arizona Geology blog (7 June).
[ abstract | ScienceNews article | Arizona Geology blog ]

The June Geology paper by M.G. Steltenpohl et al., "New York–Alabama lineament: A buried right-slip fault bordering the Appalachians and mid-continent North America," was picked up by MSNBC in a 28 May Web article titled "San Andreas-like fault found in eastern U.S."
[ abstract | MSNBC article ]

P.N. Adams et al.'s June Geology paper, "Isostatic uplift driven by karstification and sea-level oscillation: Modeling landscape evolution in north Florida," was highlighted on several news outlets, including Discovery News (1 June) in an article titled "Florida's Swiss Cheese-Like Surface Rising."
[ abstract | Discovery News article ]

The June Geology paper by N.J. Richardson et al., "Did incision of the Three Gorges begin in the Eocene?" was covered by LiveScience (3 June) and (4 June) and picked up by UPI on 8 June in an article titled "Yangtze River: Older than thought."
[ abstract | LiveScience article | UPI article]
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Geoscience Trivia

  1. "The girls can fight and order queens to sacrifice diamonds" is a mnemonic for what?
  2. What 1940s Yugoslav engineer suggested that Earth's movement through space has an effect on its climate?
  3. According to 2010 USGS statistics, which western hemisphere country experienced the majority of the top 10 strongest earthquakes in recorded history?

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