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May 2010


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GeoCorps™ America Adds 2010–2011 Fall/Winter Job Opportunities
Deadline to apply: 2 July 2010
Missed out on the GeoCorps summer program? Good news! GeoCorps now offers a second round of paid geoscience positions on America's beautiful public lands — this coming fall and winter. Work on geoscience projects for the National Park Service, the USDA Forest Service, or the Bureau of Land Management.
[ see job list | learn more ]

Government Affairs

GSA Cosponsors Congressional Briefings on Volcanoes, Earthquakes & Climate Change
15th Annual Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day
28-29 April: More than 35 geoscientists from 16 states were among the 250 participants in this year's Science-Engineering-Technology Congressional Visits Day (SET-CVD). GSA's activities as part of the SET-CVD working group included
  • Inviting Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-Mich.) to serve as featured speaker for the congressional breakfast;
  • Cosponsoring two exhibits on geoscience applications for LiDAR; and
  • Helping to select Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) and Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas) to receive this year's Science-Engineering-Technology Leadership Award.

GSA Participates in White House Conference on America's Great Outdoors
16 April: President Obama was the featured speaker at a White House Conference that included presentations by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, and Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley.
[ learn more | watch video ]

Publications News

NEW in the GSA Bookstore
Special Paper 462
Bering Glacier: Interdisciplinary Studies of Earth's Largest Temperate Surging Glacier
edited by Robert A. Shuchman and Edward G. Josberger
Bering Glacier is one of the most physically and biologically dynamic places on Earth, impacting the greater southeastern coastal region of Alaska, the circulation of the northeast Pacific Ocean, and global sea level.
Special Paper 466
The Ordovician Earth System
edited by Stanley C. Finney and William B.N. Berry
This volume’s diverse papers address orogenesis, paleogeography, climate modeling, sedimentation, biodiversity, and isotopic excursions; together they promote an integrated view of a significant chapter in Earth's history.

Special Feature
Field Trips — A Geologist's Summer Love

Check out GSA's growing collection of online field guides. You can browse pages from the newer volumes using the Google Books link in the Book Reviews section. And be sure to check out Field Guide 3 — all six chapters are open access. Individual papers from all volumes can be purchased via Bloc of Docs subscription for as little as $4 each.


globe Tectonic Crossroads:
Evolving Orogens of Eurasia-Africa-Arabia

4–8 October 2010 • Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
Abstract deadline extended to 15 June
This global geoscience forum, sponsored by GSA and GSA's International Section, is set to meet in one of the world's greatest natural geological laboratories this coming October.
[ sign up to learn more | submit abstract | register ]

Travel support is available for students and young researchers to attend this meeting.
2010 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition • Denver, Colorado, USA
Abstract Deadline: 10 August
Browse the technical program and discipline topics & get the jump on your abstract submission.
[ view topical sessions | submit abstract ]
We're Still Accepting Space Requests
Let us help you find a place for your function in Denver — Please notify us by 7 June.
[ learn more ]

Section Meeting: From Mountains to Main Street
2010 Meeting of the GSA Cordilleran Section and AAPG Pacific Section, with the Western Regional SPE — Just days away!
27–29 May • Anaheim, California, USA.
[ register | interact via Twitter (#Cord10)]

New Penrose Conference Scheduled:
Google Earth: Visualizing the Possibilities for Geoscience Education and Research

4–8 January 2011 • Mountain View, California, USA
Deadline for expressions of interest: 3 September 2010
This Penrose Conference will be held at Google Headquarters (GooglePlex) in California. Conference organizers hope to stimulate new initiatives and directions in using Google Earth in the geosciences and to encourage the active participation of Google Inc. in continuing to develop geoscience research and education tools.
[ learn more ]

GSA Division & Section News

International Section Travel Grants
The GSA International Section is working to provide travel support for students and young researchers from outside North America to attend GSA meetings. The deadline for receipt of travel funds for the Denver 2010 meeting is coming up fast, and we need your support as soon as possible.
[ donate ]

Limnogeology Division Offers New Award
The new Israel C. Russell Award recognizes major achievements in the science of limnogeology through contributions in research, teaching, and service. This is the highest award of the Division.
[ learn more ]

News from GSA's International Secretariat

Geoparks — Conserving and Celebrating Our Geologic Heritage
A Geopark, as defined by UNESCO, is "an area with a geological heritage of significance" to populations worldwide that is "linked with broader aspects of the natural and cultural environment." A key aspect of GSA's mission and vision is to foster public understanding of Earth and life and to promote Earth stewardship. Therefore, GSA is actively involved in encouraging the development of Geoparks, especially in the United States, where no Geoparks have yet been established.
[ learn more about Geoparks | visit the European Geoparks Web site ]

Of Note

LaserFest — A Global Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Laser
Can Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology help us understand Earth from below ground as well as above?
Science presented at the 2010 GSA North-Central–South-Central Joint Meeting in April says yes. William Otero of the U.S. Geological Survey documents the use of tripod-mounted LiDAR scanners to collect 3-D point data of the Queen’s Canopy Room, Onondaga Cave, Onondaga Cave State Park, which is near Leasburg, Missouri, USA. This pilot study in March 2009 was a joint effort of USGS hydrogeologists and Onondaga Cave State Park personnel.
[ read abstract | learn more about LaserFest | read about Onondaga Cave ]

Mount St. Helens 30 Years on
18 May 2010 marks the 30th anniversary of the most recent major eruption of Mount St. Helens, an active stratovolcano in Skamania County, Washington, USA. Here's a sampling of anniversary coverage: GSA journals Geology and GSA Bulletin have published numerous articles on Mount St. Helens over the years.

Three GSA Fellows Elected by National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
Among the new members and "foreign associates" elected on 27 April by the NAS "in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research" are GSA Fellow Douglas W. Burbank of the University of California at Santa Barbara, GSA Fellow Roberta L. Rudnick of the University of Maryland–College Park, and GSA Honorary Fellow Víctor A. Ramos of Universidad de Buenos Aires (NAS foreign associate).
[ learn more | read more news about GSA Members ]


The Feb. 2008 GSA Today science article by J. Zalasiewicz et al., "Are we now living in the Anthropocene?," continues to surface in discussions of if, how, and when to mark the proposed "Anthropocene" epoch, including a 17 May article on Yale's Environment 360 Web page, "The Anthropocene debate: Marking humanity's impact."
[ GSA Today article | Environment 360 article ]

The March Geology paper by G.D. Price and E.V. Nunn, "Valanginian isotope variation in glendonites and belemnites from Arctic Svalbard: Transient glacial temperatures during the Cretaceous greenhouse," made headlines on Discovery News (23 Apr.): "Dinosaur killer could return"; DNA India (24 Apr.): "Sudden temperature drop, not comet strike, behind extinction of dinos"; and "This is Plymouth" (27 Apr.): "Polar fossil study raises climate change questions."
[ abstract | Discovery News article | This is Plymouth (UK) article ]

A 23 April Los Angeles Times Story, "In the long run, all that ash can be a good thing," included science from a 2001 Geology paper by P. Frogner et al., "Fertilizing potential of volcanic ash in ocean surface water."
[ abstract | L.A. Times article ]

The May Geology paper by V.L. Hansen and A. Olive, "Artemis, Venus: The largest tectonomagmatic feature in the solar system?," translated to headlines like "ScienceShot: The Largest Bulge in the Solar System" on the AAAS ScienceNow Web site (5 May) and "Volcanic double-whammy says Venus still spews," in New Scientist (9 Apr.).
[ abstract | Science Now article | New Scientist article]

The May Geology article by L.C. Nordt and S.D. Driese, "New weathering index improves paleorainfall estimates from Vertisols," was the top story in the 3 May edition of NewsBlaze, which was picked up by Innovations Report on 5 May.
[ abstract | NewsBlaze article ]
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Geoscience Trivia

  1. What name was given to the creaking wood used in mines to warn the miners of possible roof collapse?
  2. What three-letter word is used for a cavity often containing crystals or a mineral lining of different composition to the surrounding rock?
  3. Which cave is currently considered the deepest in the world?

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