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  Grants, Awards & Recognition
Penrose medal

2009 GSA Award and Fellow Nominations

Let 2009 be the year . . .
   . . . you take time to recognize your colleagues for their excellence and service.

Deadline for nominations: 1 Feb. 2009

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Post-Doctoral Research Funding

If you're a post-doctoral GSA member age 30 to 65, be sure to consider the following opportunities for research funding.

Deadline for both awards: 1 Feb. 2009

The Gladys W. Cole Memorial Research Award offers US$9,900 in support of research on the geomorphology of semiarid and arid terrains in the United States and Mexico.
[ learn more ]

The W. Storrs Cole Memorial Research Award offers US$9,100 in support of research in invertebrate micropaleontology.
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  Especially for Students

2009 Research Grant Applications

An opportunity not to be overlooked!
GSA's research grants program provides support for master's and Ph.D. thesis research in the geological sciences for students in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Complete grant applications and supporting materials must be received at GSA no later than 1 Feb. 2009.

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More Grant & Funding Opportunities

Farouk El-Baz Student Research Award: For students involved in desert research — Applications due 1 Feb. 2009.

Division Research Grants: Several GSA Divisions award grants for outstanding student research within the respective Division's field of interest.

Section Research Grants: These grants go to both undergraduate and graduate student members of GSA who are enrolled in institutions within the geographical boundaries of the respective Section.

For more, see our Resources for Undergrads page.

  Education & Outreach
GeoCorps worker

GeoCorps™ America

Deadline for all applications: 1 Feb. 2009

With the new Guest Scientist program, GeoCorps has expanded its opportunities to include highly specialized and longer-term geology projects, over and above the traditional 12-week projects at some of our country's most beautiful National Parks, National Forests, and BLM lands. This year, the program will host eight Guest Scientists to work on projects ranging from fluvial geomorphology to natural resource protection.

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Mentors Needed!

Professional Geologists: Looking for a way to influence the future of geoscience?

Mentors are needed for both the Roy J. Shlemon Mentors in Applied Geology and the John Mann Mentors in Applied Hydrogeology programs for each of the upcoming GSA Section Meetings. Past mentors have given us glowing feedback about the program, both as they have benefited personally and for the opportunity to positively impact the next generation of geoscientists.

[ see Section Meeting schedule ]


Bighorn Basin

New! GSA-ExxonMobil Bighorn Basin Field Award

A FREE professional development opportunity.

GSA and ExxonMobil are excited to announce a new field seminar in the Bighorn Basin on 17–23 May 2009. Students and faculty are encouraged to apply for this scholarship award. Watch for next month's GSA Connection and check the February issue of GSA Today for more information, including a Web link for applications.

  Meeting News
09 Sections Map








2008 Joint Annual Meeting Presentations Now Online

    Couldn't make it to the 2008 annual meeting?

Missed a presentation or want to see it again?

A number of scientists from the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting in Houston have uploaded their presentations to the Web. To view a presentation, follow the link below, then select the abstract title that interests you. On the abstract page, click on "Presentation Handout." Files will open automatically; you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.

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Upcoming Penrose Conferences

Plumes and their role in whole mantle convection and recycling
11–15 May 2009 — Pico, the Azores
Applications accepted through 4 Mar. 2009.
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Low δ18O rhyolites and crustal melting: Growth and redistribution of the continental crust 9–13 Sept. 2009 — Twin Falls, Idaho, and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
Applications accepted through 20 Apr. 2009.
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Tectonic development of the Amerasia Basin
4–9 Oct. 2009 — Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
Applications accepted through 1 May 2009.
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Field Forum Scheduled

Structure and Neotectonic Evolution of Northern Owens Valley and the Volcanic Tableland, California
13–19 Sept. 2009 — Bishop, California, USA
Applications accepted through 20 March 2009.
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  Government Affairs
U.S. Capitol

Just days left to apply...

Work for Change on Capitol Hill as the
2009–2010 GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow

Application deadline: 1 Feb. 2009

As a Congressional Science Fellow, you will work in a Senate or House office to directly influence the science & technology policy of the new Congress and administration.

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Congressional Briefing Cosponsored by GSA
Climate Change: Intersections of Science and Policy

Friday, 9 Jan., Washington, D.C.: Speakers included United Nations Foundation President Timothy Wirth, National Medal of Science recipient Susan Solomon, MacArthur Fellow Peter Gleick, and acclaimed author Ted Parson.

[ learn more ]

  Publications News
Special Paper 446

New in the GSA Bookstore

Special Paper 446: The Geology of Early Humans in the Horn of Africa

edited by Jay Quade and Jonathan G. Wynn

The new research and inter-project collaborative efforts presented in this volume help shed light on the chronology and context of some of our earliest ancestors.

  International News

International Year of Planet Earth

Approximately 13% of GSA's overall membership lives in 97 countries around the globe. We will soon be surveying these non-U.S. members about how GSA can better serve them. GSA is also looking to strengthen its existing partnerships with these international associated societies:

  Membership Matters
FY08 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2008 Annual Report Now Available

[ download pdf ]

Subaru VIP

GSA's Subaru VIP Program Delivers Savings

GSA members save up to US$3,300 on a new Subaru through the Subaru VIP program.

  Communicating the Value of Geoscience



The work of Barry Hanan et al. (Geology, Jan. 2008) was mentioned in Nature's "Research Highlights" on 25 December 2008. Hanan et al.'s research on Snake River basalts demonstrates that deep mantle plume melts inherited the radiogenic isotope composition of the subcontinental mantle as they passed through it on their way to erupt on the Snake River Plain.
[ abstract ]


Research by Philip Sexton and Richard Norris (Geology, Nov. 2008) challenging a long-standing theory about how species evolved in the oceans appeared on ScienceDaily and Impact Lab.
[ abstract | ScienceDaily article | Impact Lab article ]


A reference to work by Robert Mariner et al. (Geology, Dec. 2008) appeared in the "In Brief" section of the 6 December 2008 print issue of New Scientist. Their research found that a California landslide exposed minerals (pyrite) and soil (shale) that combined with oxygen to create a chemical reaction that in turn ignited a wildfire there.
[ abstract ]


The work of Jon Pelletier et al. (Geology, Jan. 2009) on how Martian winds make rocks walk received heavy coverage, including in Science Codex, Lab Spaces, Live Science, Red Orbit, MSNBC, UPI, SpaceRef, Space Daily, Space.com, the Post Chronicle, e! ScienceNews, and Yahoo! News.
[ abstract | MSNBC article | Science Codex article | Yahoo! News article ]


Research by Vincent Girard et al. (Geology, Jan. 2009) detailing marine fossils found in ancient amber was highlighted in ScienceNews.
[ abstract | ScienceNews article ]





  Fun with Geoscience Trivia

  1. What name is given to fossilized tree sap?

  2. What term is given for a rock that is totally impermeable and neither contains nor transmits water?

  3. What name is given to an igneous intrusion that is >100 km2 in size?