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Judy Parrish

GSA President
Judith Totman Parrish
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GSA Adopts New Strategic Plan

On 8 October 2008, GSA Council adopted a new strategic plan, setting new direction for the Society under seven major goals, including leadership in education & outreach and public policy and globalization of the Society. You can read the new plan online.

We have also made a progress report on our previous strategic plan, compiled by GSA's executive director over the past four years, available for you online. This progress report played an important role in helping us put together the 2008 plan.

[ read 2008 Strategic Plan  |  read progress report PDF ]

  Meeting News
Portland, Maine, USA.

Bug Light Park,
Portland, Maine, USA.
Photo courtesy of the
Convention and Visitors
Bureau of Greater Portland.


Abstracts submissions are now being accepted for the following Section meetings:

SOUTHEASTERN — St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
12-13 March 2009
Abstracts due: 9 Dec. 2008
[ Web site | submit abstract ]

SOUTH-CENTRAL — Dallas, Texas, USA
16-17 March 2009
Abstracts due: 9 Dec. 2008
[ Web site | submit abstract ]

NORTHEASTERN — Portland, Maine, USA
22-24 March 2009
Abstracts due: 16 Dec. 2008
[ Web site | submit abstract ]

"Celebrating the International Year of Planet Earth"


Thanks to our generous meeting sponsors!

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The 2008 Joint Annual Meeting was an event of historic proportions — thanks to all those who attended and contributed to making the meeting such a great success!

  • 9,950 attendees
  • 5,500 abstracts
  • 460 exhibitors
  • 17 Field Trips with over 350 participants
  • 19 Short Courses with nearly 400 participants

Several key sessions & events were recorded for live Webcasts.

[ view Webcasts ]

Did you lose anything at the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting in Houston? Included in the items turned in to the Lost & Found office were several thumb drives. Please e-mail GSA's Lost & Found at with a description of your item, and we'll let you know if we have it.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland, Oregon, USA.

2009 GSA ANNUAL MEETING in Portland, Oregon, USA

Time to begin planning next year's meeting!  We are now accepting proposals for the following:

red prompt Field Trips — Due by 2 Dec. 2008
red prompt Short Courses — Due by 2 Dec. 2008
red prompt Technical Sessions — Due by 6 Jan. 2009

  Publications News

Web press

Hot off The Press

Reviews in Engineering Geology, v. 20
Landslides and Engineering Geology of the Seattle, Washington, Area (REG020)

We're Interested in Your Science

Get your manuscript in the queue for 2009 and be a part of Lithosphere's inaugural year.

Think outside the box! Geosphere, GSA’s peer-reviewed online journal, covers all geoscience disciplines in an elastic medium that accommodates animation, sound, and movie files.

GSA Today
Publish your hot-topic science to a wide readership with free color, no page charges, and open access online!

  International Year of Planet Earth
IYPE balloon
International Year of Planet Earth

U.S. IYPE Launch

The U.S. International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE) kick-off was celebrated in conjunction with the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting in Houston with a balloon launch and other festivities. IYPE Executive Director Eduardo de Mulder and Board Chairman Larry Woodfork were on hand to speak about the importance of the largest global effort of its kind to promote the earth sciences.

U.S. IYPE Lectures

Part of the U.S. effort includes the growing IYPE Lecture Series, with upcoming lectures at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA; the Geological Society of Washington in Washington, D.C.; and the University of Texas at Austin. Add your voice to the celebration and raise awareness of the geosciences.

  Membership Matters
Arches National Park

Renew Now and Save $

Renew your membership before 15 December 2008 and save 15%.
When you renew, you can also subscribe to GSA's high-quality journals, join any number of GSA's 17 specialty Divisions, and — new this year — join additional GSA Sections!

Did you know?
GSA members save up to $3,000 on a new Subaru through the Subaru VIP program.

  Government Affairs

U.S. Capitol

Two New GSA Positions Statements Adopted by Council

  1. Public Investment in Earth Science Research
  2. Water Resources

You Still Have Time to Comment on a New Position Statement Draft:
Integrating Geoscience with Sustainable Land-Use Management
. Please submit your comments and suggestions to Richard Berg by 14 November 2008.

Call for Applications: 2009–2010 GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow
Work directly with leaders on Capitol Hill to influence science and technology policy and decision making. Deadline to apply: 1 February 2009.
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• OneGeology is an initiative of international geological surveys to make Web accessible the geological map data held by geological survey organizations around the world. This site is a flagship project of the International Year of Planet Earth.

• Bytesize Science: Weekly three-minute kid-oriented science podcasts by the American Chemical Society available for download at or on iTunes.

  Communicating the Value of Geoscience


Detail of Fig. 4 from Okobu et al. in GSA Bulletin

South-central Arabia Terra,
Mars. Detail from Fig. 4
of Okobu et al.,
GSA Bulletin (in press).
Click on photo to
go to the HiRISE site.


Research by C.H. Okubo et al. (GSA Bulletin, in press) using the Mars High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera to compare terrestrial examples of deformation to deformation band clusters in the Capen crater, south-central Arabia Terra, Mars, received coverage in ScienceDaily,, and more than half a dozen other media outlets.
[ abstract | article ]

How did the Kohistan-Ladakh block become sandwiched between India and the rest of Asia, and did it collide with India first? S. Khan et al. (GSA Bulletin, in press) use Landsat satellite images, remote sensing, isotope data, uranium/lead dating, and more to get at the answers. This in-press article has already received attention from
[ abstract | USA Today article ]

T.W. Beatty et al.'s (October Geology) study on a shallow-marine "habitable zone" along the shorelines of northwestern Pangea (now northern and western Canada), where a diverse suite of Early Triassic trace fossils indicates an ocean environment in which latest Permian extinction levels were reduced and recovery time was minimized — thus allowing the zone to serve as a seed community from which the marine realm was repopulated — sparked coverage in the Calgary Herald, the Ottawa Citizen, the Edmonton Journal, the Vancouver Sun, and the Windsor Star.
[ abstract | Windsor Star article ]

Presentations at the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting received wide media attention!
Topics covered include planetary geoscience, hydrogeology, climate change, environmental geology, geomorphology, paleontology, geoarchaeology, geochemistry, and Quaternary geology.
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  Calendar Close-Ups


Highlighting upcoming meetings of GSA's Associated Societies.

  Fun With Geoscience Trivia

  1. What colloquial term is used for a person who sorts and describes drill chips taken from drill mud?
  2. A temblor is another term for what phenomenon?
  3. In a drill log, what do the initials T.D. stand for?