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  Meeting News


"Celebrating the International Year of Planet Earth"

The 2008 Program Schedule is now online
Get all your meeting details in one place.

Don't forget these 2 September deadlines!

  • Save $$ — Register now to take advantage of lower fees.
  • Housing in Houston is going fast! Make sure you have a room at the group rate and use our online Bulletin Board to find a roommate or travel companion.
  • Short Courses to boost your skills and develop your career are still open, but the registration price goes up US$30 after 2 Sept., so save money and sign up today! Earn CEUs while you learn.
  • Field Trips — Explore classic field locations and learn about ground-breaking research in the region. Reserve your place before these exciting trips close!
  • Guest Program — Check out the destination tours that are still open. See what Houston has to offer and make new friends in the process!

Last chance to act!

  • 5 September is the last day for you to secure your child's place in the Children's Program. KiddieCorp will provide on-site child care Sat.-Thurs., 4-9 Oct.

Program Highlights


Subaru Outdoor Life Keynote Address:
In a Search for the Deepest Cave on Earth:
The Blend of Exploration Adventure and Science

Alexander Klimchouk, Ukrainian Speleological Association

Monday, 6 Oct., 6-7 p.m., Convention Center
Klimchouk's lifelong passion for speleology began with his first cave exploration at the age of 11. Since then, Klimchouk's passion has led him and a group of fellow explorers to the world's deepest cave, Krubera Cave in the Arabika Massif of the Western Caucasus. Hear of the adventure first-hand and experience "The Call of the Abyss."
[ more info | Krubera Cave ]


All-Convention Luncheon:
Questions about the Earth the Moon Told Us to Ask
Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, geologist, Apollo 17 astronaut, and former Senator

Monday, 6 Oct., noon-1:15 p.m., Hilton
[ more info ]

M. Holmes

Generational Perspectives of Women Scientists

Mary Lou Zoback, Vice President of Risk Management Solutions, and Brenda Buck, University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Photo: Mary Emilee Holmes (1850-1906), the first woman Fellow of GSA.

Tuesday, 7 Oct., 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Hilton
[ more info ]


Special Lecture:
Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim?
James E. Hansen, Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Tuesday, 7 Oct., noon-1:15 p.m., Convention Center
[ more info | Time article on Hansen, written by Al Gore ]


Understanding Evolution: A Public Forum
Experts present the geologic evidence for evolution and explain the nature of science for the general public.
Tuesday, 7 Oct., 7:00-9:00 p.m., Convention Center
[ more info ]

Evolution in the Classroom: A Teacher Forum
A special session for educators with experts in the field of paleontology, evolution, and geology will help with understanding of and teaching the theory of evolution.
Saturday, 4 Oct., 1:00-4:30 p.m., Convention Center
[ more info ]

  Hot Off The Press



Memoir 202
The Greenland Caledonides: Evolution of the Northeast Margin of Laurentia

Special Paper 440
When Did Plate Tectonics Begin on Planet Earth?

Special Paper 441
Resolving the Late Paleozoic Ice Age in Time and Space

Field Guide 10
Roaming the Rocky Mountains and Environs: Geological Field Trips


CALL FOR PAPERS: Lithosphere

Send your manuscripts to Lithosphere and be a part of GSA's newest print journal, to be launched in early 2009.
[ information | submit manuscript ]

  Employment Service Center


Looking for employment in the geosciences?

Posting a résumé with the GSA Employment Service Center is FREE for all GSA Members.

  • Year-round online applicant database
  • Job postings
  • Interview services at the GSA Joint Annual Meeting in Houston, 5-9 Oct. 2008
  Government Affairs

Final Call: Geosciences Congressional Visits Day

9-10 September 2008, Washington, D.C., USA

Attend briefings, training sessions, and meetings with House and Senate offices. Students welcome! GSA is pleased to offer student travel grants for partial support. Please contact Craig Schiffries, at GSA for more information, to participate, or to apply for a student travel grant.

  Especially for Students


2008 Joint Annual Meeting

Travel Fund: Time is running out to apply for Annual Meeting student travel funds — Deadline: 2 September. Remember, you must be registered for the meeting to apply.

Volunteer at the meeting in Houston and earn FREE meeting registration.

Boost your knowledge and make contacts at our Joint Annual Meeting Mentor Programs: Geology in Industry, Geology in Government, and Women in Geology.
   *Free lunch
   *Advice from mentors in industry and government
   *Networking opportunities

After the Meeting

Rocky Mountain Rendezvous of Geoscience Students and Employers,
Laramie, Wyoming, USA, 19-22 September 2008

  Membership Matters

Central High, Cleveland, Ohio
Photo courtesy
Special Collections,
Cleveland State

Happy 120th Birthday GSA!

August 1888: A group from the American Association for the Advancement of Science assembled at Central High School in Cleveland, Ohio, "to discuss the organization of a national society," and on 15 Aug. 1888, "on the subscription of 37 eligible persons … the Geological Society of America came into existence" (from GSA Bulletin, v. 39, p. 148-149).

Did you know?

GSA members save up to US$3300 on a new Subaru through the Subaru VIP program.
[ learn more ]

  Calendar Close-Ups


Highlighting upcoming meetings of GSA's Associated Societies.

15-20 September, AEG 51st Annual Meeting - Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll), New Orleans, Louisiana USA.

20-23 October, 2008 Gussow-Nuna Geoscience Conference: Geoscience of Climate Change, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Cosponsored by the Geological Association on Canada.

6-7 November, AIPG Innovative Remediation Technology Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA. Call for Papers deadline extended to 29 August 2008.

  Communicating the Value of Geoscience

August Geology


Research by Catherine Burgess et al. (August Geology) suggesting that Antarctica was ice-free 40 million years ago was reported by United Press International and enjoyed wide-ranging coverage, including ScienceDaily, the BBC News Channel, TerraDaily, and redOrbit, among others.
[ Abstract | ScienceDaily article ]

A paper by Gerilyn Soreghan et al. (August Geology) with new evidence that cold temperatures dominated equatorial latitudes during Earth’s last major glaciation was reported in several places, including ScienceDaily and
[ Abstract | PhysOrg article ]

Research by Andrea Koschinsky et al. (August Geology) reporting on the hottest water ever found on Earth appeared in New
[ Abstract | New Scientist article ]

Findings by Derek Schutt and Ken Dueker (August Geology) that the Yellowstone Supervolcano is, in fact, lukewarm, were reported in New Scientist, New, and Hindustan Times.
[ Abstract | New article ]

"Triggering of the Lusi mud eruption: Earthquake versus drilling initiation" by Mark Tingay et al. (August Geology) appeared on
[ Abstract | article ]

Phil and Amy Michelson

Phil and Amy Mickelson
accept the GSA President’s
Medal from GSA past
presidents Stephen Wells
and Bill Thomas.


Kastochi volcano
Kasatochi volcano,
courtesy USGS.



GeoMart — Your Geosciences Directory

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  Fun With Geoscience Trivia

  1. What name was given to the creaking wood placed in mines that were used to warn the miners of possible roof collapse?
  2. What is the common name now used for the sedimentary rock once called puddingstone?
  3. Xenothermal deposits are formed at shallow to moderate depths, but at what temperatures (low, medium of high)?