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A Reminder from the Geoscience Education Division:

The nomination deadline is 1 May for the 14th Annual Biggs Award for Excellence in Earth Science Teaching for Beginning Professors.
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Earth System Processes 2Earth System Processes 2

ESP2 buttonsThe abstract submission deadline is quickly approaching (26 April) for the Earth System Processes 2 meeting in Calgary this coming 8-11 August 2005. The participation of a diverse array of scientists, like you, who are investigating how the Earth system works today, how it functioned in the past, and how it will function in the future, promises to make this one of the best scientific meetings of its kind to date.

Don’t miss the fabulous field trips planned for ESP2! Standard registration rates are in effect through 27 June. Stay tuned for special events to be posted soon.

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Ensure your spot on field trips, short courses, and special events -- register now! Dates noted are last day to register online (although you may register on site).
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Section Meeting info
 29 April - 1 May, San José, California
22 Apr. register now
 19-20 May, Minneapolis, MN
15 May register now
 Rocky Mountain
 23-25 May, Grand Junction, CO
18 May register now


Call for Papers

Geosphere, GSA's new online journal, addresses the clear and growing need for timely publication of research results, data, software, and educational developments in ways that cannot be addressed by traditional formats.
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Columbia University’s Center for Hazards and & Risk Research Web page includes core data sets and maps from the published report, “Natural Disaster Hotspots – A Global Risk Analysis.”
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The ReefCheck coral reef database documents the condition of individual reefs at over 1800 locales around the world.
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The American Geological Institute (AGI) has released a report on the state of introductory geoscience enrollment in the United States during the 2003-2004 academic year.
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Communicating the Value of Geoscience


A study by Longo et al. on health risks from sulfur dioxide gas and fine aerosol from Kilauea’s lengthy eruption (Geology, March 2005) was reported by the Associated Press and Science Daily. An article appearing on was subsequently picked up by Biotech Week.
[ abstract | Science Daily article ]

Research by Donnelly et al. on massive releases of meltwater from the Laurentide Ice Sheet 13,000 years ago and their effect on oceanic heat circulation (Geology, February 2005) received coverage in Nature.
[ abstract ]

Stewart and Allen’s study of the Silverpit chalk structure, a possible impact crater under the North Sea floor (GSA Bulletin, March-April 2005), was reported by BBC Online.
[ abstract | BBC article ]

Research by Currie et al. utilizing oxygen isotopes in carbonate minerals deposited in ancient lakes in the northern Himalayas to determine paleoelevations was covered in Science.
[ abstract ]

Research by Morgan and McIntosh on ancient supervolcanoes of the Heise Volcanic Field near Yellowstone (GSA Bulletin, March-April 2005) was reported by Discovery Channel Online.
[ abstract | Discovery Channel article ]

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