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What is growing at Mount St. Helens, but shrinking nearly everywhere else?

GSA Connection respondents said:

16% A lava dome
6% Sediment yield in rivers
66% A glacier
12% Douglas Firs

Correct answer: A glacier

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GSA Meeting News


Earth System Processes 2. 8-11 August 2005, Calgary, Alberta Canada. Co-convened by GSA and the Geological Association of Canada, with additional support from the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and the NASA Astrobiology Institute, and the participation of the European Geosciences Union. Ancient Earth Systems, Modern Earth System Processes, and Earth System Futures. Watch for the call for papers in January.
[ more info ]
Backbone of the Americas: From Patagonia to Alaska. 3-7 April 2006, Mendoza, Argentina. Co-convened by GSA and the Asociación Geológica Argentina. Mark your calendar now - themes include Ridge collision, shallow subduction, and plateau uplift along the Americas.
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Geoscience in a Changing World
Subaru of America, Inc. - Title Sponsor of the 2004 Annual Meeting


Thank-you to all of our meeting co-sponsors!

"Each year after the annual GSA meeting I am certain that it can't be topped, and somehow the next year's meeting does. This meeting was no exception."

— 2004 Annual Meeting Attendee

6,366 Preliminary attendance figure
249 Number of sessions
3,521 Number of papers submitted
173 Number of exhibiting companies
~ 900-1000 Number of attendees at Beer and Geology
~ 600 Number attending the Public Forum on Mars
Watch for more annual meeting details in GSA TODAY.


The Call for Papers is out for all of the 2005 Section Meetings. Get the latest meeting information and check on the abstracts deadline for your meeting.
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The GSA North-Central Section has adopted a much sought-after digital elevation map as their flagship graphic.
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Membership Matters

Special Journal Offer
GSA members can subscribe to the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences at Geological Society of Australia member rates.
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Dinosaur Illustrations. This site links to illustrations of more than 70 kinds of dinosaurs and ancient reptiles. Some of the images are available at no cost for educational use.
[ check it out ]

Communicating the Value of Geoscience


Research by Douglas Robertson, et al., on Chixculub's immediate aftermath (published in GSA Bulletin, May 2004) was the second most frequently e-mailed article on Yahoo! News 28 October.
[ BULLETIN abstract | YAHOO! NEWS article ]

Media coverage of the 2004 Annual Meeting is just beginning to come through GSA's tracking service. Here's a small sampling from local/regional, science press, and international media:
Molly Miller, Vanderbilt University, "Antarctic Forests Reveal Ancient Trees" (Discovery Channel Online, 5 Nov)
Jacqueline Kozisek, University of New Orleans, "The Buzz on the K-T Extinction" (Astronomy Magazine Online, 11 Nov)
Daniel Hyslop, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "T.rex Fancied Ribs, Scientist Says" (Yahoo! News via Reuters, 9 Nov)
Dana Ulmer-Scholle, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, "Tumbleweed Connection" (The Guardian, UK, 11 Nov)
Spencer Lucas, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, "Earliest Tracks of 4-Legged Stroll" (Innovations Report, Germany, 7 Nov)
Robert Essenhigh, Ohio State University, "Titanic Disaster: New Theory Fingers Coal Fire" (Science Daily, 11 Nov)
Gregory McCabe, U.S. Geological Survey, "West Warned of Longer Drought" (Rocky Mountain News, 9 Nov)
Steven Boand, Douglas County (Colorado) Commission, "Groundwater System Sure to Fail, Warns Hydrologist" (Rocky Mountain News, 8 Nov)
Tuesday's Public Forum on Mars: The Latest (Red) Dirt from the Mission Makers, "Mars Finally Shows it has a Wonder all its Own" (Denver Post, 10 Nov)
Wednesday's Hot Topic, Earth Sciences in Homeland Security, "Geologists Tout Abilities as Emergency Responders" (Rocky Mountain News, 11 Nov)

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Fun with Geoscience Trivia

  1. Check your answersWhat term is given to an accumulation of minerals that presently can't be extracted for a profit, but may in the near future?
  2. What is the term used to describe the luster of diamonds?
  3. What term is given to crystals that have grown in two or more different lattice orientations?

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