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Public Comment on Ocean Policy Report

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What is growing at Mount St. Helens, but shrinking nearly everywhere else?

Results of September Poll

In your opinion, which of these is the worst "special effect" that you have seen used in a PowerPoint presentation?

GSA Connection respondents said:

28% Text or images moving in from every direction
8% Background colors that change with every slide
45% Too much text on a slide
5% Graphics using red and green
15% Sound effects

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Membership Matters

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2004 Annual Meeting

Mount St. HelensSpecial Presentation!
Recent Activities at Mount St. Helens: 1980 and Today

Tom Casadevall, Regional Director, USGS
Monday, 8 November, 12:15-1:15 p.m.
Colorado Convention Center Room 709/711


Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony:
"Paleomagnetism, Oroclines, and Growth of the Continental Crust"
New Day, New Time, New Location, New Format!
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Subaru of America - Title Sponsor of the 2004 GSA Annual Meeting
Title Sponsor of the
2004 Annual Meeting

GSA's Inaugural Hall of Fame
As you are hustling between tech sessions, please be sure to take a minute to peruse "Denver's 2004 Hall of Fame — Geoscientists Who Are Changing the World."
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Grant Writing Workshop
Graduate Students! Improve your chances of receiving a GSA student research grant and get tips to improve your proposal writing for future funding. Come join GSA's first proposal-writing workshop specifically for YOU. No registration required.
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Especially for Students

NSF Graduate Research Summer Institutes in Asia and Australia. Application Deadline for 2005 program: 10 December 2004
[ get info & apply | additional info & links ]

National Academies' Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program Accepting Applications for 2005. Are you interested in the creation of science and technology policy? If so, consider this fellowship program. Deadlines for applications are:
• 1 November for the January program
• 1 March for the June program
• 1 June for the September program
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Visit for information on degree programs, funding, internships, and job searches in the biogeosiences.
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Communicating the Value of Geoscience


Be Part of the 10% Solution
With the election only two weeks away, now is the best time to contact elected officials and others running for office about science issues. CSSP President and GSA Past President Sharon Mosher challenges you to participate in a special pre-election initiative!
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GSA IN THE NEWS reported on research by David Ferrill et al., published in the October issue of GSA TODAY, describing Marsquakes.
[ GSA TODAY article | article ]

A study of methane emission from mud volcanoes in eastern Azerbaijan by G. Etiope et al. in the July issue of GEOLOGY was covered by World Oil.
[ GEOLOGY abstract ]
[ WORLD OIL article - scroll to "Methane Outgassing" ]

Two earthquake-related articles from the August issue of GEOLOGY were reported by Science: research by Lillemor Claesson et al. on hydrogeochemical changes before and after a major earthquake; and a study by Simon Dadson et al. on earthquake-triggered increase in sediment delivery from an active mountain belt.
[ Claesson abstract | Dadson abstract ]

Press Releases Issued by GSA

Selected Press Releases received by GSA


Discovery Network's Science Channel to Initiate Great Discovery Series.
On 8 December, the Science Channel (part of the Discovery Channel network) will begin airing a series called The 100 Greatest Discoveries in Science, hosted by Bill Nye ("The Science Guy"). In most areas the Science Channel is a premium cable channel, but the series may air later in the year on the main Discovery Channel.

Visit Map-a-Planet from the USGS Astrogeology Research Program where you can customize and download maps of the Moon, Mars, Venus, and other celestial bodies. The site also offers Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter topographic data.
[ take a look ]

Fun with Geoscience Trivia

  1. Check your answersWhat term is given to groundwater that will flow through to the surface under its own pressure in a bore?
  2. Where would you find the breccia that is known as the Megaregolith?
  3. What is the official gemstone of Australia?

Many people picked up an error in our September trivia question stemming from the difference between metamorphic grade and metamorphic rock names. We stand corrected, and invite you all to attend the First GSA Trivia Night, Tuesday, 9 November at the Annual Meeting. To register a team, please e-mail GSA.


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