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GSA Welcomes New Faces
Council Corner
Especially for Students
2004 Annual Meeting
GeoVenture Memories
Hot Off The Press
New from the Foundation
Communicating the Value of Geoscience
Calendar Closeups
Fun with Geoscience Trivia
Poll of the Month

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GeoVenture Memories

Teachers in IcelandIceland for Teachers 2004

A Pictorial Account

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Hot Off The Press


Poll of the Month

Results tallied instantly.
Final results reported in September.

How do you keep track of your schedule?

1. On a paper calendar

2. With my computer

3. With my PDA

4. In my head

5. Someone else does it for me

6. Other

Results of July Poll

Do you think that in the future geology will be primarily a (1) profession; (2) discipline; or (3) combination of profession and discipline?

Having read Christopher Keane's viewpoint, courtesy of Geotimes,

GSA Connection respondents said:

Profession 14%
Discipline 18%
Combination of profession and discipline 68%

GSA Welcomes New Faces

The GSA Foundation is pleased to announce that David A. Stephenson has been appointed as Foundation President.
[ meet Dave ]

Deborah Nelson
... and Deborah Nelson joins the GSA staff
as our new Director of Strategic Initiatives.
[ meet Deborah ]

Council Corner

Vote!Make your choice for the future of GSA!
Online voting is open NOW through September 10 (members only). Council candidate biographies are available on the ballot.
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Especially for Students

Virtual Student ExpoLet the New Virtual Student Expo help you launch your career in the geosciences!
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Grad Students: Don't forget to come to the Grant Writing Workshop (for GSA grants) at the Annual Meeting in Denver. It's FREE.
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2004 Annual Meeting

Technical Program ScheduleTechnical Program is now online!
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Standard registration rates end Sept. 30.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, former geologist and brewery owner, will be the keynote speaker on “Beer & Geology” at the Denver Annual Meeting. Learn about the impact of geology on brewing processes and sample various beers from local Colorado breweries.
[ more details ]

Calling all musicians! Do you want to join us in making some music at the Annual Meeting? We are meeting on Sunday 7 November to play some folk/pop songs. Bring your instrument or your voice and join in the fun. Contact GSA Sales & Service for more details.

Communicate with Clarity! Improve your skills with these professional development workshops.
[ media relations | effective presentations | NSF proposals ]

New from the Foundation

GeoTalesThe GSA Foundation is offering a complimentary copy of GSA GeoTales, a collection of special memories from GSA members. It is available now with a $50 or more contribution to the Foundation.

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Communicating the Value of Geoscience

Government Affairs

Two proposed GSA Position Statements are now posted on the Web site. The panels request your comments by Sept. 15.

  1. Geoscientists and Natural Hazard Policy
    [ read statement ]
  2. Open Access to Data
    [ read statement ]

GSA In The News

Charlotte E. Cederbom's article on "Climate-induced rebound and exhumation of the European Alps" (August GEOLOGY) spurred some coverage in ScienceNOW online.
[ GEOLOGY abstract ]

Press Releases Issued by GSA


Learn all about Ozone Depletion at these two government Web sites.
[ EPA | NASA ]

A Wealth of Information on Ichthyosaurs.
[ UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology ]

Calendar Closeups

View Entire Geoscience CalendarEarth System Processes 2 (ESP2), Calgary, Alberta, Canada, August 8-11, 2005. Co-convened by GSA and GAC. Submit your Theme Proposals by September 15, 2004.
[ more details ]

ASLO 2005 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, February 20-25, 2005. Co-sponsored by GSA. Call for Papers deadline: October 1, 2004. GSA members will be afforded the ASLO member registration rate for this conference.
[ more details ]

Fun with Geoscience Trivia

  1. How many active volcanoes are there on the Australian mainland?
  2. What term is given to the material that glues grains together in a sedimentary rock?
  3. Check your answersWhat phenomenon is often given the terms, P, S, Ss, PP and SKS, etc.?

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