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Hot Off The Press

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Poll of the Month

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Final results reported in April.

Have you ever been mistaken for an archaeologist?

Results of February Poll

To what degree do you think that geoscience curricula in the university environment should stress the practical uses of geology to society?

GSA Connection respondents said:
Practical application should have more emphasis 69%
The practical / theoretical balance is currently about right 27%
Practical application should have less emphasis 3%
Don't Know 1%

Looking Ahead

  Happy St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's

Science at the
2004 Annual Meeting

This is the first of a four-part series highlighting the Pardee Keynote Symposia slated for "Geoscience in a Changing World" this November in Denver.

Early Paleoproterozoic (2.5–2.0 Ga) Events and Rates

[ summary & image ]

Geoscientific Aspects of Human and Ecosystem Vulnerability

[ summary & image ]

Membership Matters

Did you know?

Members can save up to $3,000 on a new Subaru through our VIP Program. Now that's a member benefit! And there's more — for every VIP car sale, Subaru will make a donation of $100 to the GSA Foundation.
[ more details ]

Especially for Students

History of Geology Division Initiates $500 Student Award.
Due date for proposals and application is May 1, 2004.
[ more info ]

GeoForum 2004: a one-day event for undergraduate students considering entering a graduate program in the geosciences. The Forum will explore opportunities and challenges in geoscience careers, including work in weather and climate, oceanography, seismology, geology, and public policy.
[ more info ]


Columbia University's Earth Institute convenes the third biennial "State of the Planet" conference on March 29-30, 2004. Tentative keynote speaker is Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations.
[ more info ]

Four summer school programs supported by the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund to promote interdisciplinary research are now accepting applications.
[ more info ]

Communicating the Value of Geoscience

GSA In The News

Research by Kenneth Miller et al. suggesting that ice sheets may have been responsible for massive sea level change during late Cretaceous was reported by Science Daily.
[ BULLETIN abstract | SCIENCE DAILY article ]

Research by Jean-Pierre Williams and Francis Nimmo on thermal evolution of the Martian core was reported in Science (March 5).
[ GEOLOGY abstract ]

Press Releases Issued by GSA

Selected Press Releases Received by GSA

Fun with Geoscience Trivia

Start practicing now!

Watch this space for details about the upcoming Trivia Event at the Annual Meeting in November …

  1. If you place an ice cube in a glass of water and mark the water level, when the ice has fully melted, will the water level be higher, lower, or the same?
  2. Check your answersWhat is the streak of the mercury ore mineral cinnabar?
  3. In what approximate direction is the Pacific Plate moving?

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